4th Run on Alpine Snowboard

Free Demo this Sunday! (Feb 26 2017) Bomber Alpine Outfitters is gonna be at Loveland Ski Resort. They will also have some Donek Boards like mine! Here’s more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/145767352603956/?active_tab=about
If you go, make sure to check out this board… it’s a new Flux made for hard-boots. (which is different than the normal Flux I think… Jim or Angie can tell you the full details about it.. all I know is that it’s a hell of a lot easier to ride than Jim’s board! 😀 )..


sergio duro says:

Someone who tells me how to measure the angle of the bindings to know which one I carry? I usually wear the freestyle bindings but I want to measure them. I would be grateful if someone helps me

ou812redpillOD says:

lol at 3:00ish your knees want to escape…think craig kelly…knees are meant to love each other

Jesse Luikinga says:

Side slip? The Flying Knapton Ryan, The Flying Knapton!!! Have you learned nothing?

elephantac119 says:

love it!!

david k says:

good stuff dude. way to feel like beginner again!

you need to spend some time doing your own “how to really really carve” drills, you’d be tearing it up in no time.

Hunter Cobb says:

What googles are these ?

SiddyDaddy says:

Cool to see you riding a Flux. Mine is almost as wide as your Twin though. BTW – will be out there this weekend (Keystone and Breck). I found my Flux to be a delight to ride in soft boots. My angles are 21/12 at 25in wide. My goal is to get higher carve angles though. Maybe drop you a line for a meet up mid to end of next week. Happy shredding.

japponello says:

Congrats Ryan!:) So You showed me some Donek board /initialy for soft/ managing hard setup 🙂

Жизнь на полуострове says:

Hi Ruan! whats the angle of bindings on your snowboard? could you please tell mу about your binding setting?

Christopher Matthews says:

Love the custom enhancements to your trusty green Volcom jacket!

sergio duro says:

Someone with whatsapp, instagram, twitter … Someone to help me, I have several doubts about my snowboard and I want someone to solve it, thanks.(Anyone who knows)

tubiak1 says:

Nice one! PLease Bomber & Donek go for euro trip. I’m sure milions of Ryan fans will buy tons of stuff

Xargo says:

I’m thinking about ordering a custom built Donek. Do you think 30cm waist Flux would make sense for softboot duckfoot carving? I don’t ride switch much. Booting out is an issue with all my current boards: Salomon Man’s board 159, Salomon Burner 163 and Salomon Villain 155w. Even if I use +27/-27 angles.

LAZER1986 says:

Hey just when i thought you’ll show us hardboot twin freestyle riding, you say finishing up the run :(( I mean come on :DD

Paul Jurczak says:

Hi Ryan, was it really +30/+15? It looks like more than that at 6:04

Robson Robson says:

Hello Ryan, nice to see you carve using about the angles I use for once (+30, +15). I use a standard camber board with softboots and was always wondering whether I shouldn’ t try an alpine board with hardboots to bring more power on the edges. After having had a look at your “how to really really carve I tutorials” I think I will try to improve my technique before changing equipment, though. Unluckily I am Euro carving (I mean I am trying to carve in Europe) so I cannot pass by at the demo events so easily :-(.
Now my question: As compared to your normal carving videos you seemed to be using much less force / weight downwards before initiating a turn and were not leaning down as much during the turn / your board was at a much lower angle – and you were not carving as hard. Would you attribute that to the change in stance angle or the different kind of board or so? Thank you!

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