Alpine Snowboarding Review

In this video Jeff Meyer and I explore shreddin on Alpine setups. Alpine boards are typically stiffer, narrower, larger side-cut radii, used with hard-shelled boots and higher stance angles. We had a blast trying em out and making this vid on em, and can’t wait to try em some more next winter!

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Kurt Rein says:

Thanks again for the @mention at the end. Thanks most of all for helping me fall asleep while I watched. And how dare you say I don’t shred. I’ve gone a dozen times since ‘01

Andrei Petrakov says:

Pretty clear video Ryan, impresive!

scott petrie says:

Buddy I have not seen you lay that shit down like you do on the freestyle board. Let’s see the horizontal action!

Hank Moody says:

Where is this?

Carreidas says:

I nearly gave this a thumbs down, because I won’t get to snowboard until Feb and that may get cancelled. Well jel!

Martin A says:

The side slipping doesn’t look as reta… I mean super awesome with the Alpine board

Mitchell Pauly says:

I will never understand the hate alpine boarding gets. “Limited” yes, but in the same way a Ferrari FXX is limited.

Nil says:

-What do you think?
Ryan asked while sliding away, not afraid of the answer but carefree as he knew.. was the truth.

MiniKodjo says:

side slipping looks even more stupid with that stance

HerosEnd says:

is Jeff from New Mexico?

Артур & co says:

or be silent, or make a subtitle

SpaceMan Gagarin says:

Не делай этого!

Alexander Chudinov says:

Hi, Ryan!
and you do well in the alpine carve! )) What do you think about this carve style?

Mike Otto says:

Nice. I actually picked up an old Burton alpine board over the summer that I was thinking of trying out just for fun.

trythisdude says:

Hey Ryan, Jeff! Thx for the vid! I’m still not that much interested in alpine snowboarding, can’t really see the fun into it. It is too specific, i prefer an all around snowboarding style; i can carve, jump, do tricks, ride backcountry and enjoy fresh powder. If i was living near my usual resorts, i would probably look into it. BTW, credit music? I love it!

Saul Goodman says:

You just amaze me. Riding switch without duck stance, impressive

Gérard Philipp says:

Hey Ryan, Jeff,
Great Report , 14 minutes long interesting and enjoying . @Ryan How near does the Donek VSR sidecut technology (on an Soft boot Incline Board for example) behaves like a Alpine board?

Joseph Breese says:

Nice vid, and thanks for doing the review. I’ll be in the area this February for some side slipping tutorials, let’s ride! And riding switch is possible on an alpine board. I submit this video as evidence:

meyersnow says:

Great Edit. I really enjoyed the music. Thanks for having me on your channel! Was a blast making this.

Loc Nguyen says:

Was this last season? Where is this? I miss snowboarding. Why are you doing this to me? ;p

trabant66666 says:

No disrespect Ryan, but how the hell is it even possible you ride so much yet you don’t lose weight (I look almost the same as you hehe)? 🙂

Christopher Matthews says:

Hmmm, what about a twin-shaped alpine board, hard boots, and duck stance? Would that combine some of the best elements of alpine riding with freestyle?

Geoff Vincelette says:

Nice work Jeff and Ryan. Pretty impressive what you guys figured out in a few days. Just think what you guys would do after a full season and custom molded boots? Once you figure out how to do fully laid out carves on some really steep slopes the G’s you can pull will blow you away.

Rekaw97 says:

Those boots look so bad XD great video tho 😉

Vincent Lebeau says:

First !!

tubiak1 says:

I’d like to try this too someday but can’t find many demo’s in poland

Артур & co says:

I do not fucking fucking understand what you’re saying. I’m from Russia. But to me it’s important that you talk. Because I want to roll like you.Андерстэнд ЁПТА ????врубай свой переводчик СкА

SiddyDaddy says:

Glad to see the Flux out there. I actually have the Flux in a freeride softboot setup. I love the torsional stiffness as I think that is were the speed (plus the base rocks) comes from. Not to mention I got my Flux super wide (28.6). I’ve raced at Keystone and it was clearly my (now not so) secret weapon. Get on a Donek!!!!

grimmriffer says:

Interesting you mention wanting empty wide runs, cos I was gonna ask! 🙂 I’ve noticed the alpine boarders are very picky about when and which runs they’ll go out.

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