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Rob from SportRx gives you the complete guide to the best ski & snowboarding goggles of the 2017 season! These goggles are the best of the best and this guide will help you to choose your new goggles for the 2017 season. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Products mentioned:

Smith IO7:
Smith IOX:
Smith IOS:
Oakley Flight Deck:
Oakley Flight Deck XM:
Oakley Airbrake XL:
Dragon NFX2:
Dragon X2:
Dragon X2s:
Spy Bravo:
Spy Doom:
Anon WM1:
Anon M3:

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Sun trust Shaw says:

How much are they

Benoît Bizet says:

Dragon NFX2 Lumalens or Spy Bravo Happy Lens?

SwagMaster420 says:

I just got the smith I/O 7 with chromapop and holy shit its an amazing goggle. Best ive ever owned.

AnL Productions says:

I just got a pair of Kreed Park goggles and I LOVE THEM. I have a unboxing/ review of them on my channel if you want to check it out. It might be helpful if you are looking for a slightly cheaper pair of goggles.

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

Review Briko

Tomas Romagnoli says:

the NFx2 in the video have the Flash blue? or the flash green lens???

Jordan Main says:

Have you tried anons sonar lens? Does it compete with lumalens

silkraod33 says:

You forgot about abom, maybe better than all of them

TechFix Sandvika says:

Why hasn’t goggles with HUD display gotten anywhere? The latest news is the Oakley Airwave and the Recon Snow2, but nothing new since 2014/15. Also now google’s killed Recon development.
Does that mean smart snowboard goggles with hud is still not a thing?

Cottonwood Chronicles says:

Warning for all potential Dragon buyers. The NFX 2 allows copious moisture and powder ingress along the bottom of the lens-to-frame interface, due to the Swiftlock interchange system. This absolutely sucks on epic powder days, as every faceshot will leave you with powder flying into your goggles and blinding you on steeps and unforgiving terrain (which is super sketch when you’re freeriding on pow days!). They haven’t addressed this issue, so be forewarned if you live somewhere with deep powder like I do.

Sebastian Aguilar says:

Oakley for life

Rob says:

*Did I mention I’m a big boy and wear big boy goggles???*

Lingy01 says:

Hi guys. Great reviews, really informative! Thank you for posting! I’m currently using Oakley A frame 2.0, definitely need a frame for a smaller face. I like the look of the i/os but I dont feel great about the clip at the back of the strap. Which goggle would get your recommendation for the smaller face, if not i/os? Dragon X2S?

stevros48 says:

I already have the flight decks with prizm rose …i have heard that the hi pink prizm lense is even.better in.flat and low light … there also seems to be alot of disagreement as to whether the chromapop storm is better than the blue sensor mirror in smiths line up … also is there now a chromapop high yellow ?

transam0001 says:

How about the Smith i/o7
photochromic vs chromapop

Looking at the Smith photochromic or chromapop Sunny and storm for snowy / cloudy days

Alec D. Lee says:

Rob, how big is the size difference between the I/OX and the Flight Deck? I ordered a pair of Flight Deck’s, but I haven’t tried them on and currently own I/OX’s. Please help!! Thanks

mkays4 says:

Rob! Holy Smokes… haven’t seen you in years… since Fashion Valley Mall. It’s Mark, with the Carrera’s! Doubt you remember but looking good bro! Hope all is well with you my man!


I wouldent say you have a big face, you just have a gigantic nose.

FynnFTW says:

Oh yea Anon M3 – its only 260$ . get it !

soccerstar10563 says:

Great review. I’m looking at the Smith goggles with Chromapop. I noticed you only had the I/O7 and didn’t talk about the I/O, but they still sell this goggle with the chromapop lens and it’s slightly cheaper. Which is the better option and why? I’m also wondering about the field of view between the I/O, I/O7, and I/OX. One sales person I talked to said the I/O had better FOV than the I/O7.


I’m having a hard time deciding between spy doom and von zipper jetpack

oneron says:

amazing stuff, thanks, keeping the background music a little bit lower wouldn’t do any harm though…

Chris L says:

I didn’t know David Blaine did YouTube reviews, I’m pumped!


What goggle would you recommend for the use with glasses?

Håkon Kværnstuen says:

Maybe a silly question, but what is prescription?

KuduChomper says:

I literally have a 40$ pair of goggles which are 10x better than any of these overpriced googles

Hallucination 760 says:

I went with the dooms,I love them.

Killroy says:


Francis Kim says:

Which one has the biggest fit? The Flight Deck?

trixr4kids8589 says:

I like my Electric EG2s

Hank Moody says:

wow, snowboard technology in general has progressed exponentially it would seem. Or that’s what the manufactures would like the consumer to believe, lol.

iVince905 says:

Cant go wrong with a pair of oakley flight decks… might be expensive but it will last a lifetime

vdn17 says:

Any of these Asian fit?

Chill Hammer says:

Oakley A-frames are the best functioning goggle on the market. Has been that way since their release. No other goggle compares. They literally never fog. My 22 years on the mountain of trial and error will hopefully save someone the hassle. I bought a pair of flight decks this year and am regretting it already. Should’ve bought another pair of a-frames.

jakemandel92 says:

great review! i get that you didnt do the M2 cause its a little older, but i think i prefer the m2 to m3 because of the frameless look. just wondering if you think the magnetic lens change is as sturdy on the M2, the face magnets work as well, or whatever other differences you think are noteworthy?

Cooper Wiley says:

What about poc and shred?

djhexzerorouge says:

hey rob,
thanks so much for the helpful reviews. something i’m still missing though is the size comparison of the different goggles. as i have a big head, it would be helpful to get a size comparison (talking about the fit on the face/nose) between the spy doom, electric eg3 and dragon x2. which ones fit better for big faces / large noses?
thanks so much!

Leevi21 says:

i have Anon m2 goggles and they are AMAZING

Jochem van den Berg says:

Which lenses are the best on the market? Prizm, Happy lens, chromapop, Lumalens,….?

Tobias Persson says:

Chromapop Storm or Prizm Rose in snowy/bad weather?

hattori hanzo says:


Thanks for the awesome video!
I’m currently looking for new goggles and I can’t rellay decide between the oakley flight deck (prizm of course ;)) or the POC Lids. Obviosly u really like the flight deck, but what can u say about the Lids?

Would help a lot.


Chris Castellano says:

POC? still wearing my POC Blackouts.

Tyson Judd says:


bkzlatan says:

man i can tell you that you r a making some good reviews but oo hell man u have the ugliest skull i have ever seen..!!! ur head is f* strange you make every goggle look ugly into your face!

Chris M. says:


3 6 9 says:

The anon m2 is way better than the m3 dude…

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