Can AT ski boots be used in Alpine bindings? tackles the controversial subject regarding using AT ski boots in Alpine bindings.


Robert Rudnik says:

Very nice explanation.
Thanks for the video.

Doug Warren says:

Really thoughtful and compressive review of the topic. Thanks very much.

Daniel Cortes Sylvester says:

good video! And I also think the front tip purpose is to fit crampons and not Alpine binding, am I wrong?

Felix Bauch says:

Very nice Video. Also the first one who got the problem right and easy to understand!

The AT Boot sole gets quite often confusedwith the “new” WTR standard.

I’ve had this exact Problem for now three years. And I’ve found a few bindings that are compatible with the AT Shoes. I my case also the Maestrale.

The first one is the Marker Duke which has a hight adjustable AFD as well as the Marker Lord (seems to be not sold anymore) which was specifically designed for using AT boots in it.

A newer Model is the Salomon Warden 13 MNC which is from my knowing the first binding to officially support AT Boots or ISO 9523. And it is also the one with the imho best adjustability of the toe-piece.

Notheless, i have to say that i used all three of the mentioned bindings without any issue.

Mr Coin says:

Hi. What about opposite scenario? Can we use use regular ski boots for touring mount? Are there any adaptors? Does it make any sens?

arleen kotter says:

Great video.. Thanks so much for posting

mero40k says:

I love ATs but you can pop out so easy. Much rather use Alpine for front side days.

Eric Sageser says:

TL;DW Yes, adjust toe slightly tighter for AT boot & crank up that DIN too

MPrime says:

Good video, very well done.

m bree says:

haha, i have the maestrale rs and ran them with my slalom ski’s and did not know this. thx ! interesting

Greg Toews says:

nice presentation, not sure of the message. Perhaps I missed something. Probably the first youtube ad I’ve watched end to end.

Erik K says:

No negative comments! Thanks, this was helpful.

Serge-Alexandre Demers Giroux says:

At last man! Thank you so much for this comprehensible video. I think you’re the only one who made a decent piece of information about that subject.

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