Me Alpine Snowboarding, Jeff and Me Freestyle, and Revisiting a Funny Shot

Still awesome conditions for April!

Music: Title: Pegboard Nerds & Quiet Disorder – Move That Body


Wyatt Brown says:

I think the next step in your clothing progression will be a full body gorilla tape speed suit

AppelKers says:

Who needs a drone, right!?

SIEKUfilms says:

🙂 nice

Johnny-Anthony Khawand says:

NASA: Sir we have a problem an unidentified object is approaching our space station oh wait it is a gopro, nevermind it’s Ryan Knapton again. It would be fun with a 360 video tiny planet edit.

Xiang Gao says:

genius gopro stick!

Benjamin Oliver says:

That stick! You are sick! 🙂

LAZER1986 says:

One day Ryan will put those hardboots on his freestyle board in duckstance and we will see greatness:P

James Davis says:

Selfie stick of all selfie sticks, I think that may be a Guiness Book of World Records contender right there, mos’ definitely EPIC!! 😉

sergio duro says:

Sorry for disturbing, I just wanted to ask you if you know what snowboard is the rossignol district amptek and if you would recommend it. I have already advanced level and I like to carve and to do tricks and jumps in the snowpark. Is it possible to go fast?

ardjuna arndts says:

Noo Ryan, why.. now you’re one of those Track-Destroyers.. those Boards make way to deep carves :/

Joseph Breese says:

Bring that Selfie stick to LA in June, we’ll hit up Mammoth!

Luc says:

Lord of the board, I salut you! Great footage bro ❤️

carmine619 says:

“We gotta keep an eye on this guy Ryan he’s going nuts with selfie sticks” – Breck ski patrol

Kidding 🙂

Jeffrey Rank says:

el o el! on the huge selfie stick!!

Kao Saejao says:

finally, the drone shot I was looking for haha

JakeXSV says:


sickair45 says:

Will you do a video on how to board in slush?

Paul Jurczak says:

How long was that tree? It looks at least 25 feet long!

Šimon Kocman says:

Compensating something?:D How the hell it did not broke:D How long was it? Talk about taking things to the next level:D

Christopher Matthews says:

That was the coolest selfie stick footage you’ve done all season! That overhead shot was incredible!

DoorBuster says:

who needs a drone with a selfie stick like that

Dat Boi says:

that selfie stick holy shit

Антон Яковлев says:

🙂 )))))))))))))

Roman Blecha says:

1:47 ..that “trick with hand” looked smooth as hell ! 🙂

MerLiNzx says:

Nice mini selfie stick lol

Ashton Grogg says:


David Wilcox says:

Careful of the dark side Ryan… we have cookies.

yu yang says:

hi, Bro I also want to try hard boots, so what snowboard style of donek do yo recommend and what boots?Thank you very much

Jamie Mulford says:

Didn’t that selfie stick make your arms crazy tired?

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