New Donek Snowboard! One run (on slush).

Very soft and choppy snow when I talked this skier into taping me…, so this run definitely doesn’t capture how good and smooth I’ve been riding on it the past 3 days. But it’s the only run I’ve had taped so far.

Board specs and extra info:
(Basically I really LOVED aspects on how the Donek Incline with a 9-11 VSR rode, so we kind of blended some of those aspects with the Twin (which is a much better shape for freestyle snowboarding than the Incline.)) (I’ll have a review on the Incline out in the fall).
Board: Twin, with a stiffer Incline core. (I’m fairly heavy at 220lbs and ride pretty aggressively. If you weigh less and dont ride as aggressively, this could very well be too stiff for other riders).
Length: 160 (length goes up to my mouth when standing).
Nose and Tail: both shortened 1 inch (from where they start to rise I think)… which gives a longer running length of 124 cm from 119 on my previous board. This extra length is noticeable with how well it holds an edge while carving.
Waist Width: 31.2 CM. (Up from last board of 30.5. I basically wanted no chance of booting out. As you my know, I’ve worked my way up in width of boards, going from a custom ‘wide’, of 25.8 to 27.5, to 29.0 to 30.5 and now 31.2. I don’t foresee needing to go wider than this, but I want to add, this is for how I ride and the width that I need to not boot out when I’m laying down turns. Even if you have bigger boots than the 8.5 US that I use, these crazy wide boards are probably too wide for most riders to enjoy! If you are struggling with ‘booting out’ when you are carving, that is when I recommend going wider, but I wouldn’t recommend jumping up to as wide as I use. Even with the 27.5 cm board I could carve way deeper than the 25.8, and I think that type of width would be a better place to start if your having ‘boot out’ issues. Definitely no reason to ride wider if you are not booting out.
Sidecut Radius: 9.8 m. (previously 8.7 m). Please don’t follow my lead on this unless you have tried and liked some bigger radius’s. I really think my previous 8.7 m would be better for 99.5% of riders. I wanted my turns to be bigger because it feels like it cuts across the hill and up too fast for me with carving at the speeds I generally ride at. Unless you are riding your sidecut hard enough to where you feel like your board wants to cut up the hill quicker than you would like it to, I wouldn’t go with my 9.8 m radius for a freestyle board with the exception would be if you are a pipe rider, in which case the Donek Transition with a bigger radius yet is probably worth looking at).
Inserts: Same reference stance, (Sean at Donek could tell you, but I’m not sure what the specs are), BUT, we added extra options on both the front and back to be able to move my stance extra far back and make a longer nose out of it on powder days. (Again, Incline inspired as I really liked the longer nose on that for powder days cuz of how it floated easier). This is an experiment, and I won’t know how well it does or doesn’t work until I get a pow day. 🙂 But the idea is to make my Twin into more of a ‘1 board quiver’.
Inserts also offset towards the toeside.
Topsheet: Carbonium (definitely recommend!) Black without any art as I plan on putting stickers on it.
Base Graphics: My ‘Next Level’ videos logo with Doneks Alpine logo. Symetrical on nose and tail to represent it being a twin. If I was an artist at all, it’d be rad to make some insane graphics on it as Donek specializes in making custom graphics too.

Music: Title: Mr FijiWiji – Stop At Nothing
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Gimbal info:
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Macarite says:

Nice bro!!

Kirill Ipatov says:

блин, да где такие горы с такими широкими трассами? плавные выкаты и раздолье для фанового катания! блин , завидую искренне 🙂

Sadiq Jaffer says:

Do you still have your 156 Custom X? You should take that for a spin and give some commentary on how it feels compared to your ultra wide boards.

david k says:

Really cool experiment man.

I’m 6’6″, 265lb and carve pretty aggressively. booting out is definitely a big limitation on how hard I can push carving.
I’d be keen to hear more on this board once you get it into different snow conditions.

Anton Morozov says:

no.1 as always, nice one to watch ur vids while outdoor is almost summer 🙂

Robert95grand says:

What’s your stance width?

carmine619 says:

You know the Sony Action cams such as the HDR-AS200V/W model are also good and the image quality looks killer while filming in XAVC-S format. If I’m ever out there I would film you bro! 🙂

ou812redpillOD says:

nice, spring wake boarding

TranceAddictFoX says:

smooth as fuck

Kosmoz86 says:

lol, waist is wider than the nose of my pow board 😀

LAZER1986 says:

But you wanted 9-11 radius. Why did you went for a single radius? Didn’t like the progressive ones?

this is not me says:

Love the footage of the Skier. Dude got some serious style

Shannon Connor says:

Wish I could get to your level dude

TBlangerhans says:

i like your awesome spins

Diego Tobar says:

how do you still have snow?!

SeriouslyMikey says:

Man, your board needs to go on a diet! She’s a fatty!

Jeff Meyer says:

Insanity!! I have to come next time. Fantastic buttery smooth footage!!

Дима Грудинский says:

You’re the best snowboarder in carving! We use your videos to teach, thank you! Tell me please more about the art of riding! And yet please tell me what kind of company you have a jacket in this video! It is like the color, but I can not find one in the shops!

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