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In my last snowboard gear video I had a few people asking what snowboard backpack do I use? I actually needed a new snowboard backpack, so I went around looking in a few different shops. I found that there are a lot of different features in snowboard backpacks and a huge price range from $50 to $200. When buying a new snowboard backpack think about what you’ll be using it for and what features you need in a backpack.


Steve Yashnik says:

I have a very similar one but in green

Anthony l says:


ArtsbyElle says:

Ill be snowboarding on Marmot basin! In Jasper !!!!! Check it out !!

dionisis says:

thanks for the advice,i’m also looking for a new back pack so this video helped me make up my mind

Petar Šimeta says:

what happens when you fall on your back??

Juls Climbs says:

It’s a good and helpful video
Greetings from Germany

Noah Guenther says:

U wish bud

Long Island Googans says:

So cool

Alex Hinge says:

been watching your vids from the beginning of my snowboarding. thanks alot from England

Noah Guenther says:


Synapse says:

For my first bp got the Dakine Heli Pro DLX 24L (Shadow) for 110$. Mainly, to carry my board horizontally.

The Green Gamer says:

I am just a 10 year old kid and I snowboard too so can I watch your videos My brother snowboards too

Rafael Nunez says:

Love all your videos man. I leaned a lot from them and can’t wait to try out everything I learned. I was curious though. What was your best trick when snowboarding, and how long did it take you to land it?

Idan Timor says:

I guess it’s obvious but the bag has to be water proof

J Vert says:

my snowboard backpack is a Burton too. You just can’t go wrong with any of their gear. Love that thing. let’s me start one board in sideways and one vertically (or a skateboard 🙂 ).

Will Elliot says:

I got the same one in silver and black

GazbertUK says:

In Europe good backpack from Wedze/decathlon which has a quick release shoulder strap so that the backpack flips around your body from back to front so that when you sit on a chairlift the backpack sits in front of you so it’s not pushing you to the front of the chair. It also has a back protection pad and straps so you can carry your board on the pack at the end of the day.

Great videos. I’ll have to get to Whistler one of these days.

Loading Name says:

What would be the best snowboard bag to hold
-few little snacks
-maby a few tools and a drink
But still is light weight/ small
And to be super tight to your back when riding, so the bag dosent giggle around
Snug fit I guess???

Cookie 2501 says:

What did you do with your old backpack? Ahah

Hannah Tex says:

I use my Burton riders pack for EVERYTHING. it is the best backpack I’ve ever had. Great for boarding, hiking, carrying boards(skateboard, longboard, snowboard) and school.

SikKentsTV says:

Keep up the good work man , apreciate it 😀


Where is a good place to snowboard in t Tennessee

James3160 says:

I don’t see myself ever needing a bag unless i was in the backcountry needing avalanche gear.

aime flemm says:

Can i have your old backpack? 🙂

Cameron Taylor says:

Can’t wait for the snow to come!! Hopefully I’ll see you up in whistler some time

Pascal unwichtig says:

Nice, i bought a similar one in black. Actually i only use a bag for food 🙂

Kmac 1126 says:

hey kevin i was wondering if you ever heard of the contour line of cameras are they any good can you please respond quickly im going on a trip and want to record some stuff

here are some examples thanks and you helped me a lot with boarding but thanks and just make sure if you watch them that it is on hd and can anyone else help me also considering that he uses the 4 black and this is almost 2x cheaper

Youye Xu says:

Hey Kevin! Could you recommend some snowboard gears shops in Vancouver that you usually go to?

Erich Hartmann says:

First comment!

The Green Gamer says:

I like your videos

kidcret1 says:

Nice…see u up at whilster

Derek Gianci says:

So excited to go snowboarding

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