Park City Alpine Coaster POV Roller Coaster in the SNOW Utah Ski Resort 60fps

Alpine Coaster in the SNOW! This ride at Park City Mountain Resort in Utah is AWESOME!


katuroo says:

looks awesome, but I don’t think you have a concept of what 60mph is – try speaking into your mic while going 60mph on a motorcycle

Kasai Brightwater says:

I just rode it like an hour and a half ago, and he is right they are 10 times faster in real life than in a video.

Charlene Chocolate Thunder says:

OMG!!!!!!  This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL video I have EVER seen!!!!!!!!  I’m 40 years old and I’ve ONLY seen snow about 5 times in my entire life.  That ride looks SOOOOO cool!  Whoever is riding that sled and doing the commentary is freakin’ HILARIOUS!!!  Wish I were ridin’ it with you!!!!

jellyfish whisperer says:

Your commentary is the reason I subscribed tbh

Julio Chana says:

I missed your “weeeeeeeeeee”!!!

Cobrafang 197 says:

Are you controlling the brakes or is it just ball out

Star Carlton says:

How do you film these? Do you have a camera on a hat or something?

Mary Q says:

I loved this video. Made me laugh!!!

Mary Jo says:

Great video.

Chic1110 says:

1:39 I’ve said that before, but I wasn’t on this sort of ride.

Siosefa Pule says:

How much does it cost??

Robert Skaff says:

Could this idiot be any cornier. What an embarassment.

Pastel gothika says:

o.o i live in alpine utah.

Crispy Dispy says:

Listen to this and close you eyes, it sound wrong

Name says:

your video was stolen and posted on facebook:

Julie Weight says:

I live in Utah it’s a lot better in summer your butt doesn’t freeze

Bob Schneider says:

Actually, this is much more like a Luge. ☺

Calvin Sydney says:

I went to this place 😛

Zero Gaming says:

Do u have to turn the cart your self

Krazy Hatter says:

this video pretty much sums up why I’m basically dying to live in Utah Instant Subscriber

Darin Warren says:

Muting cool video.

Dani M says:

My little brother was on the floor laughing the whole time!

MPrime says:

Man, if the Crescent line would have been that short when I was at PC I might have enjoyed it a little more lol

NJatTheDisco says:

Nuhhhhhhj ho ho ho!

Kieran Wickson says:

You sound so autistic

Latula Pyrope says:

What is the song called that is played in this video :3 ?

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