Re-learning how to Snowboard. (alpine equipment)

Fun day playing around on some different equipment.

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tubiak1 says:

Next i wanna see you do some tricks on this setup like jumps and slasher bombs or something. Anything 🙂



Stevie Wonder says:

Ever have any problems with skiers? I took a trip to Breck a few years ago, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

jlalonde1000 says:

i want to try one so bad i might see one every 3rd day i come from a ski background

Patrick W. says:

Sick Video as always man. I will never get me in these Ski boots though 😀

Nazar Gandymov says:

Hi Ryan and other, what’s the track on the video? 4:13

Евгений Шлейхер says:

What kind of gloves Andrew is using?

David Medeiros says:

Can you do a video of perfect alpine S type turns? They look like half circles.

Pavel Popp says:

Hey Ryan! Good riding. You shold try classical hardboot bindings like f2 race titanium instead of intec ones. They much more comfortable and have much more lateral flex.

Andy Toyne says:

Love your vids ryan. you’re as smooth as 25yr old malt whiskey 🙂 . But would love to see some of the times when it doesn’t go quite to plan as I think that might give us all some perspective when we’re trying to learn some of your moves as you make it look so easy. Love the pole plant movie BTW, keep it going.

Vag T says:

Alpine laid down turns is so damn sexy!

Timzle says:

This CARVING is crazy!!!
i started youtube and also make snowboard videos check them out:)

Rafael Tian says:

Hi Ryan, I have been trying out your tips on carving, and they work damn well! I’m running a goofy racecar softboot setup with super forward angles at 36 and 21 degrees for front and rear feet respectively. How much is the difference in feel between an alpine setup and normal soft boot setup? As well, what is the price difference?

Damon Smith says:

lol 5:46 !

jlalonde1000 says:

I have my boots set on a +20 degree front foot and a 0 on the back to far on a + angle on the back does not feel stable i ride facing mostly down the hill. any one know if this would carry over a bit to a racing board

Elias Schott says:


Jay SonyAlphaLab says:

Thanks Ryan for putting out all these incredible videos 😉 I’m learning so much and look forward practicing more than ever before! Happy shredding and good day to you sir! Jay

justzanin says:

I always hit the like button before the video starts so I don’t forget when my mind is all blown at the end of the video. Your videos are so sick. I hope you do them forever

Иван says:

Ryan, what snowboard protection do you like? I dont like most of shorts becouse it’s too tight

Михаил Зл says:

Thanks Ryan for the video and for the fact that again in the frame was a good example of quality carving.

I think you need to try stiffer boots than Deluxe – this brand is not good. If you feel tired, so shoes are not good enough to resist bending in the lower leg. The boots should be reliable fixation of the upper part of the Shin, for this I suggest to use boosters.

Look for the UPZ boots. Or sports model Delux – Indy.

Well, the Board would be a little longer – 178mm. would be it. What would the arcs in the corners was a little longer.

Good luck in all your endeavors.

Johnny-Anthony Khawand says:

Hey Ryan, i am going to snowboard tomorrow, i have in mind to try something, which is when transitioning from side to side while turning, to delay the carve and start pushing the snowboard while still going flat into the turn early before the carve. Does this help with buttering tricks? Better than initiate a buttering trick while on edge? If you do snow kiting you would dream of windy days like this one 😀

QFT says:

Hey Ryan, I’m a solid all-mountain snowboarder, I’ll eventually buy an alpine setup, but I would like to learn to carve and ride switch on a board. I’m thinking of looking for a size wide (I’m a 9.5 boot size), pretty stiff board – do you think that’ll be good enough for me to get into some switch and carving type stuff? Or should I be approaching this differently?

not this guy says:

troll bot farms hahah. got eem!!!

StrangerWithCandy says:

1st 😀

hasenhannes says:

every day of the season, RYAN!!!!

Eric says:

Looks almost like monoski

Nathan Carrier says:

Us snowboraders are gods and skiers are only there to worship us! That is the first thing I teach to children as a snowboard instructor.

Xerxes249 says:

What do you think about Burton step on bindings?

Jason Green says:

Ryan just want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to get these free videos to us… Even when you get up at o’dark thirty to ride after uploading videos. Thanks brother.

justzanin says:

Side Slip The Movie – Alpine ? Hahah

Travis Williamson says:

Sic vid! I really want to try Alpine next season. Every time dude in orange makes a turn, I notice he kind leans back and the front of the board pops up a little. Is this just his personal riding style or is this alpine technique? Cheers

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