Salomon TV: The Art Of The Turn

We bring 3 generations of ski racers together – a legend (Gunther Mader), a champion (Luca Aerni), and a rising star (Paco Rassat) – to reveal the sensation of the perfect turn.

Produced by Switchback Entertainment

Take Three by Jerry Folk, Courtesy of The Dark Room Co
The Cell by C2C, Courtesy of Universal Music

Phantom Camera
Bolko Targosz
Łukasz Konieczny
Matej Župec

Thanks to
Christian Frison-Roche
Sebastien Loret
Sylvain Leandre
Elie Gateau
Val D’Isere Ski Area


Jan Denkers says:

/creativiteit audio

Karl Maier says:

3:43 look at those edging angles…

l69supersonic69 says:

Cinematography is so amazing in this video! Inspiration right there

Lexie Fann says:

Woooow, what a wonderful video! I try to figure out how is every scene taken, amazing work!!! Just wow!

モトラ says:


Steady Eddie says:

It’s beautiful. It becomes a reference for ski shooting.

三月真臼 says:


BjornWiese says:

Did anyone actually try those skis? I was fortunate to try the 2018 model of the Salomon Race 175cm with 15m radius. It has no rocker. It’s fucking awesome. My turns actually felt like in that commercial haha don’t know if they looked like that though 😉

Валерий Е says:

Ломаются Ваши лыжи!!! Не умеете делать!

Ahmet Karacor says:

Amazing music

C Hall says:

This is probably the most beautiful video on youtube. AHHHHHHHHH  I love it!!!!! #Goals


my proudest fap

jk 5440 says:

AMAZING Carve turns and vid exceptional well shot and edited. Captures the exact essence of how turns feel and should feel. Incredible angulation. Truly aspirational. Well done, thanks for sharing!

Ossama Lkbli says:

abderrahim le ski toop

zzebowa says:

Nice late season corn snow. Good for carving. Shame the alps is so often boiler plate ice when you ski there.

Kaloyan Bankov says:

3:44 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333333333333

Хрестоматия фланкировки says:

IDEAL, gentle, well prepared slopes, no people, no newbies – why I am not impressed by their performance? let’s put their some ice, holes, lumps and A LOT OF people and see what they can do.

Danny- Caper says:

“Each skiing day […] is better than sitting in front of the computer ” – 100% agree. For those who can/do…I am forever envious.

barbara Corcoran says:

this makes me want to shred so bad

iceicebabys says:

Thank you so much for highlighting this track by Jerry Folk to me. I have no idea how spotify hasn’t suggested this to me >:(

Gunnar Swee says:

Xcountry thinks this stuff is easy but try making that kind of turn in mid air

Michael Torres says:

lil turn air 1:48 , cool hop 3:28 , big turn air 3:50

Антон Волков says:

Sorry, but the video is boring. I think you could do it better with such a professionals.

Apollomorris19701970 Morris says:

Let your Hip drop into the term literally drop it like you’re going to fall and let the skis hook up and watch what happens!

BlocBusters says:

I love such ultra slowmo shots!

Ivazhka says:

What is they skies model? I want them!

TipicoGamer says:

The snow is shit when I skii

Roro says:

I’m having an orgasm

Philly MathGuy says:

That’s perfect snow. Easy to turn on. Show us how to turn great on New England ice!

D Dalén says:

I thought for a sec it was Arnold Schwarzenegger was talking

TheWateringWiz says:

That’s what I’d call a videogasm…

Giovanni Savio says:


rahkin rah says:

NICE turns! Spring corduroy! Thank Salomon – for ALL the years!

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