Snowboard review pt 2 (humor)

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Part 1:
For entertainment purposes only.
Mountain: Breckenridge Colorado
Board: Old old Kemper (not sure what year… mid 80’s I guess)
Full disclosure: was taped 1 day before for time for editing


TheLionPit says:

yap yap … we austrians know how to make it right 😛 but I think I stay with my F2 😀

Robert Appel says:

This. Is. Awesome.

DeathlyTboneage says:

Still shreads better than me……

TorchwoodLuthiers says:

Knapty, as an instructor I am perplexed by your style and this is why. Your lower body movements are textbook for the most part but that’s where it gets confusing for me!! It looks to me like your stance is pretty wide probably 24 plus inches but your not that tall of a guy. So I scratch my head when I see such mobility with the lower body with a wide stance and shorter legs! Unless the video makes it seem this way. You GOTTA set the record straight with a “My setup” style video. To me this is a rare sight to see such mobility. Ps. I show my students your videos!!

Chintan Patel says:

You made that board look good!

countdown54321 says:

keep the video coming especially the how to!!! u inspire myself aswell others. I just cant believe u can do this stuff on such and awkward stance, you know how to transfer your weight with precision on any board it seems. flawless!!!

willmandude says:

“heel side turns are whack if you don’t grab the edge” hahahaha I died

Matt Lutjen says:

Hahaha!!! This was the second board I owned after the Burton Elite 150 (V-tail)! First board I ever slid a hand rail on – it was super sketchy with such a close stance! Love it!

Adi Sieker says:

love the the riding and the whee’s are just great

efibendor1 says:

Ryan you haven’t changed the original angels on the binding did you?

dhns555 says:

Respect for riding that weird piece of wood

Jeff Stillwell says:

ok… I’m bringing my Dan Donnelly XTC out to Breck and we will shred 80’s style!!
p.s. I can’t believe you didn’t rip those bindings right off the board!!! 🙂

Everything Goes says:

dude you killing it lol. weee.

bauke says:

lol I only saw part 1 and I thought that was it! You actually rode it, nice! “It actually carves better switch I think” – You bastard…. 🙂 I’m super stoked I sorrta got the normal carves down now haha. You pretty much killed it, Whoooy! (but what about the leash??)

Eric Brooks says:

Please find more old school boards. This is so awesome.

Michał Rolski says:

“I actualy carves better switch I think!” :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD bahahaha!!!

Cyrus M says:

Thanks, I will never complain about my gear after seeing what you can do on that.

Andrey Gordienko says:

Super! Super! Super!

Mike Y says:

Smooth as butter Ryan, as always no matter the board…..

Levon K says:

Haha dudes turning up with the latest this that and the other and than you come along and rip on that dinosaur, Respect!!

Sean McGuinness says:

My god you have skills man… Could watch your vids for days… no homo… i honestly would go out and send you a crappy board just to see how you would tear shit up with it… keep saucing out videos your awesome man 

fuxkingshxt m says:

show off(; hahaha and thank god for new and improved bindings

Aqua-Fux says:

LOL nice for days thats a pretty sought after board 

Philippe Vezina says:

I use to ride one of those and they were fun….with snowmobile boots at the time!!!! I am now struggling with a 2016 burton board and Vans boots lol….and i’m 46!!! just want a Kemper and be Young again lol!,,,

SeriouslyMikey says:

I have an old CrazyBanana board. Maybe I should give that a try. 

Martin To says:

This is a very funny commentary but the underlying point is….no matter what high tech board you have or choose to buy, it is always down to rider ability to be able to perform the tricks. I reckon you should try riding your ironing board and do a review on that! Ha ha!

Jonas Brandmeier says:

so awesome 😀 
lovin it like every vid you make

726brendan says:

u shoulda paid homage to the tripod on that thing

PotatoWheelchair says:

This is hilarious lol

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