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Was awesome conditions for May 9th… previous day it snowed an inch, so that blended in with the rest of the snow to make it more of a normal winter feel… until it warmed up and got pretty slushy.
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Matthew Mitchell says:

I might have to move back to colorado and go riding with you!

ButterSnow says:

haha! I was wondering about your intention when I saw slopesurfer in the title … made me laugh when I saw that funny thing and your reaction to it 😀 Otherwise…. Sick selfie stick riding, interesting headphones, amazing foosball skills, stylish sidelip shirt and yes… goggles look supercool 😉

justinr816 says:

That’s me & my friend behind you at 4:12 . Great vid, keep up the good work!

Paul Jurczak says:

Great shredding as usual, but I liked the foosball routine 8:43 too!

teabagzukkini says:

Nice Vid again Ryan. And Mrs Zukkini says she likes the your goggles , they compliment your beard.(She loves a nice beard)…;)

David A says:

Hi Ryan, definitely my way of snowboarding
about the earphone, you should try the bose Soundsport 🙂
And keep turning :-):-)

Michael Ye says:


Captain Metti says:

Hi Ryan, at what length did you adjust your cam stick in this video? did you extend it all the way? Thx in advance.

Marc Feder says:

awesome! we’re flying out to A Basin from New York in just a few hours.

Joseph Breese says:

No side slippin’?

edboogie78 Boogie says:

I enjoyed this thoroughly. Thumbs up. Dude I didn’t know you had a side slip shirt…where to buy ha?

Jamie Chisholm says:

… the day after I left A-basin… 🙁

alphad3s says:

Ryan knapton, half man, half gorilla tape.

Scott Westbrook says:

Subbed for years, and enjoy most everything you’ve put out – so please don’t take this the wrong way. Stoked you are putting out more stuff, but I just think some of your style isn’t getting across as well when you film yourself. Someone else holding your go pro stick thing just shows your awesome style so much better than when you have to hold the camera yourself. It still rocks though. Probably hard getting others available all the time to film you, so totally understandable. Maybe I’m wrong? No offense intended at all and as you’ve been told a million times here I’m sure – I truly appreciate your style and edge control especially as an aging snowboarder. So bored of videos with nothing but rail tricks or 1800 triple Lindys.

Board Archive says:

Very impressed by those fooseball skills! Nice to meet you out at the Basin the other day, I never got that text!

Stephen Cissel II says:

Dude Ryan! Soooo much stoke on that first lap of the vid!! I watched it three times before finishing the rest of the video! I’ll be hittin abay tomorrow and would love to see an armpit carve from the chair 😉

spastikxchild13 says:

Do you have really flexible knees? That -15 looks uncomfortable in the back on low turns.

irsever says:

my dude, the slopesurfer! Cool idea! I also have randomly come across people testing home-brewed equipment. One dude had regular skis with 2″ tall wood blocks under the bindings, almost like a set of risers for a snowboard. Another cut a snowboard in half and made crazy uphill snowshoes that you can sort of descend with.

Rafi Ramadhan says:

The anon M3s are sick! I initially thought the magnets were gimmicky, but man after being in a blizzard and and having the magnetic hood, it just keeps the goggles fog free and seals super nice!

SIEKUfilms says:

beautiful , you have life, I could do that all day 🙂 ,
Super board

Hank Moody says:

He always has the coolest outfits

derekperc says:

Glad to see the affiliate links. It’s great to see anyone making a living doing what they love, and for fans of your channel it helps you focus on making more videos.

Justin Bordwell says:

Slopesurfer looks nice and sketch

michael oliveira says:

what kind of zoolander, haute-couture snowboarding pants are those? or are those just holes patched up with electrical tape?

MiniKodjo says:

this guy is a pro, does snowboard since he is a teen and still enjoying it like a little kid. amazing.

jjams says:

Video idea – I’d be curious to hear whatever you’re listening to in your headphones synced with board footage. It’s interesting how music can effect how one rides.

Bryan Koewler says:


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