The Worlds Most Dangerous Downhill Ski Race! Streif One Hell Of a Ride REACTION

The Worlds Most Dangerous Downhill Ski Race! Streif One Hell Of a Ride REACTION

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pastequeman says:

every year there are injuries during that race

Ciaran Barber says:

Top 10 showmen in football 2018 by javier Nathaniel

Xavi Chameleon Eyes

Remkima Hrahsel says:

I watch a lot of reactions, but ur the only one i subscribed…,☺️

WD Channel says:

Your the best reaction channel.Bro React to “Gareth Bale Best Goals Ever 2010/2018” please


Awesome reaction… Nice to see you diversifing
I left loads of comments with other thing like WWE too… So if you can react to those too…
Loyal sub from days when you had the other channel…
I stopped watching on the summer, because I think it unsubed by itself, when I saw your Vids again though, I got happy lol

Emmanuel Morales says:

Would be great if you could react to Messi A Coward plz

6ix9ine 197 says:

react to Adriano ● The Fallen Emperor ● Best Goals Ever

Rallarbusen says:

Why this is the most dangerous downhill race:

P S98 says:

Another great reaction, very nice bro. You don’t have to stay in the blue area, it’s just for the orientation of the drivers but you have to drive through every gate. The person with the fastest time wins the race.The problem with the dark points on the track is that you don’t see uneven passages well and you can easily fall down at 100mph which is very dangerous.

Harry Debenham says:

300 fps that’s like 1500 ahhaha

Rabbit Shady says:

React to Xavi Chameleon Eyes.

DreJr says:

@2:50 Explain to me how that man is keeping his balance in the turn when one foot is not touching the ground for the whole shot and not only are the ends of the left ski flopping about but it’s not remaining in contact with the ground consistently either?

What sorcery is this?

J Pettersson says:

Can you react to ingemar stenmark the greatest alpine skier of all time

Javier Bajo says:

I really like your reaction =)

Encalica says:

First here, not that it matters

Jozua86 says:

The video is on Red Bull’s channel. They organize alot of extreme sport events and invest probably billions a year in sports. I think Red Bull is the coolest company in the world and i don’t even drink it. Their YouTube channel is a must follow.

La Pulga says:

React to : the game through the eyes of lionel messi

rajeev rajeev says:

Please react “best soccer shootout ever with Scott Sterling”

6ix9ine 197 says:

react to Adriano ● The Fallen Emperor ● Best Goals Ever

Harsh Sharma says:

Common man ,react to Ronaldo i m legend ,i have been commenting for so long in so many videos for you to react , please react to it.

peterhoz says:

Here’s a sport that I’ll bet you’ve never seen: WOK RACING! It’s a German sport made for TV. Its basically bobsled/luge, on an Asian cooking wok. And you even have mini woks on your feet!

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