Unity Origin Snowboard Review

Me demo’ing a Unity Origin twin. 160 wide.
Check out the Unity linup at: http://www.unitysnowboards.com/
Demo them at: http://www.bluevalleyski.com/ski-snowboard-rentals/demo-program.html
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John Demateo says:

hey Ryan, your riding is amazing – so dialed in. I have a question about the Unity board. It’s a 4×2 setup for attaching the bindings, so basically you have a narrow – mid – wide stance. I was wondering which set of the 4×2 holes you had your bindings in for this board? They look like they were the farthest out but I can’t tell.

wimbers says:

@Ryan, Thanks for all your how to video’s, Just spend several days in Austria in perfect conditions, and have been able to get a fairly decent level on your frontside nose rolls after watching them 100 times.
After learning you ride a wide board, I tried one myself and i’m convinced, definitely need to trade in my bataleon evil twin for a wider one.

could you recommend any good, wide true twin boards with a good side radius and camber? (not a fan of rocker boards, used to be a slalom boarder once). i’m 6’0 and 160lbs

Awalks says:

Thats rad

TheLionPit says:

Hi ryan, i´m just amazed by your riding skills! i ride a f2 eliminator (no FS board by any means) but i´m so impressed by your riding that i have to try it… i wish you happy shredding and stay strong

Danny Hahn says:

Hi Ryan,
I’m a huge fan of yours.
I’ve been riding since 97 averaging about 20 days a year. I’m very comfy riding switch and after watching your videos I just fell in love with you riding style. So I tired learning your riding/carving style, and I realize I need a wider width board so I can carve deeper and it will be much better to do all those awesome tricks you do. I see you have a camber with mid wide board around 260mm.
What is your thought about rocker board? and should I go with mid-wide board around 260mm or wide 268mm?
I wear size 9 burton boots.
Let me know what you think.

Martoos Garage says:

НУ наконец спонсоры,  наконец реклама )) 
я надеюсь это спонсоры?))) 

Christian Roche says:

hey ryan nice riding! what boots are you riding? and what flex of boot do you usally ride? any keep the grate vids coming.

fermentedtofu says:

Awesome review! Hope to see more down the line 😉 Happy gobble gobble ya’ll

Jeff Stillwell says:

Welcome to the twin side muuaaahahahaaaaa


larry arvidson says:

Say Ryan,
I’m a 72 year old dedicated subscriber to your boarding videos.  When I grow up, I want to ride just like you; but, I have a couple of questions.  First: Are you riding with bomber power plates in this video?  Second: I’ve been riding a 156 k2 slayblade for several years now; can you help me convince my wife that I need to buy a Unity Origin twin with power plates to significantly improve my dance down the mountain?
I’m 5’7″ & about 160 lbs. with probably not too many seasons left in me.  What size board might you recommend?

Jack burton says:


Mellow985 says:

Hey ryan, sweet jacket! Looking forward to your videos this season

Andrea Parodi says:

Hi ryan ..you wrote you are 215lb but how tall are you? Your boots number is 8.5 ? I’m italian and i have to convert the units to understand if you are as me or not!!! Thanks..

LAZER1986 says:

Dude please make a video about your gear, all the boards, bindings, boots, setup, jackets, pants, helmets whatever else you’re using (the last few maybe excessive:P)
That would eliminate most of the questions, and also i bought myself a custom camber with cartels so i want to setup it like you do;)

Evan D says:

I’m looking for a cheap (low budget) V-rocker board. Something really good for flatland AND park.

Any suggestions???

James Dooling says:

Slasher Bombs !!

MestreAK says:

Hi Ryan, is this board good for jumps and rails as well?

Aer says:

Hey Ryan, love your channel. I have a problem with standing to straight while ridning. Any tips to get into a lower position?

bill tomhas says:

Are these video’s Present time? Or Pre-Recorded? Keep up the good work  bro!

Evan D says:

You look like you’re having a ton of fun. I wish I could be as good on flatland as you. Man, you’re killin it!!’

Joey Fauler says:

What music?

medicolas says:

Knapton… your THE BOSS! I’m starting my season this sunday. I’ll be replaying your tutorials in my head the whole day. Some people wanna be like Mike… well I want to ride like Knapton! You always make me smile when I see you buttering it up! Have a great new season! Health and Gods blessing be with you!!

igor rusalev says:

hi Ryan ! plz tell what bindings you use in this board ?

igor rusalev says:

Ryan !!! What do you think about castom twin camber ??

maxardell says:

are you using a centered stance on ur custom board? from what i read it is made to have like 10mm set back? thx :)

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