What’s In My Snowboard Backpack?

Dakine Backpack: http://bit.ly/2Afyjx3
Sandbox Helmet: http://bit.ly/2kml7vT
Oakley Goggles: http://bit.ly/2S5Ecn3
BS Facemask: http://bit.ly/2yd5yRY
Anolog Mittens: http://bit.ly/2CNaVIA
Burton Midlayer: http://bit.ly/2ABZBdi
GoPro Headstrap: http://bit.ly/2PpFgiN
GoPro 7: http://bit.ly/2Fe8ykU
Karma Grip: https://amzn.to/2JrHVd5
Snowboard Tool: http://bit.ly/2zObVJY
Shovel: http://bit.ly/2u68NJ4
Probe: http://bit.ly/2GKUYSS
Transceiver: http://bit.ly/2FMkTwd

Avalanche Courses
Canada: https://www.avalanche.ca/training
USA: http://avtraining.org/
Europe: http://www.euro-avalanche.com/

In this video I share with you what’s in my snowboard backpack. This is the gear that I bring up with me on the mountain everyday for filming and snowboarding. Check out the link to the snowboard gear playlist at the end for more gear tips. Thanks for watching!


Rider Kelton says:

I usually have a shovel with me for impromptu kicker building… gotta take a hip flask loaded with rum too, for those long chairs 😉

Ryan Ross says:

so i’ve been snowboarding for a while and never wore a hood but now i got a new jacket with a hood i could put on and take off so do you think the hood is something i should wear or not?

ian hill says:

Glad you bring a whistle. Kook.

negin shafiee says:

Hey Guys! just wanted to thank you for amazing channel. I did turning to both sides and also carving in one session after watching your videos. words can’t describe how happy I am. I was stuck for one year and all I could do was going down hill on heels! but I watched your videos last week and used all your advices and tips on Friday and made it perfectly to toes, turnings and carvings! I’m going to work on my speed this Friday. LOVE YOU guys.Warm hugs from other side of the world.

Antoine Grant says:

More videos on avalanche/backcountry safety would be nice

Black Cloud says:

We got similar stuff in backpacks 😀

Sean Markow says:

Is it that time of year again??❄️

SidiNic says:

Looking to buy the backpack and just noticed u had it hahah

kleindavidqv says:

Do you have Instagram

Will Herrett says:

Killer phone

jack harrison says:

respect for being up so late editing these vids

And M says:

Add an emergency blanket. Costs 1 dollar, weighs nothing. But when someone gets hurt it can take up to an hour before the mountain rescue is there. An even if it’s a just small injury but that prevents them from skiing/boarding it can get very cold while waiting. Also a small roll of tape is good to have.

Vincent Stabile says:

Do you carrie your boots or wear them before ?

ellstacker adventures says:

That’s a lot of good stuff in the back pack

Alexander Georgiev says:

Hi Kevin, you have not mention any body protection items. Why? Do you find backbone protection useless?

Mc.vendetta says:

cant wait until the boarding season in sweden begins

Nathan Harvey says:

Kev my dude. I have been watching your beginners playlist for about 2-3 weeks now and I love what you do. I went snowboarding for the first time today (yesterday) and tried to emulate your “10 skills” beginner video, however I took a different direction. I went from going board straight to heel turn and improved enough on it that I was able to spray from my heel edge. I tried going to my toe edge to link the turn but I kept falling any tips for getting used to going toe edge, despite the unorthodox learning pattern?

Andrew Coates says:

Uhhhggg where is the beer ?

Bad_Riders says:

Some good gear tips here. Especially the go pro batteries. I try to take 2 with me on my outings but ive had issues with that before.

davidsjones says:

I thought thats where you kept TJ?!?!?!?!

Andy Caba says:

Cool video and very informative, keep it up!!

Dave Murphy says:

I went for the mouth mount I didn’t like how high the camera was on the helmet

Dylan Aust says:

nice video

TheChristo413 says:

Hey Kevin! question regarding your stance and board sizes, i know you ride goofy and mentioned you are skinny. I am 6ft4 and about 220, what angles do you have your bindings set at and was wondering if you got the Orca in a 159 or 153? Thanks

Leiyi Zhang says:

Really recommend the anker powerbanks if you want a solid safe powerbank. Or if you like it slim, Xiaomi actually makes some solid ones. Most importantly, look for type c port feature.

franceiroca says:

I don’t know exactly what is the habits in the US, but in France, we take safety very seriously! you don’t need to go in the backcountry to get caught into an avalanche! last year 4 persons died in an off pist, just a few meters from a slope… they didn’t have beacon… An another person started an avalanche who runs into a slopes and make 2 persons died… he goes to the jail… I love your videos… very cool. but you never talk about safety… and when I’m riding, I see a lot of youths riding without bags (which means no prone, no shovels, so I guess no beacons…) and for these people who always thought thats it always happen to the others, you have to talk about safety when you go off piste and backcountry.

Jake Hynds says:

I love your vids .. but they drive me mad wanting to board … but not going back till the 17th

inMotionSLB says:

awesome, gave me some ideas of what extras I may need!

Ink Productions says:

I though that was a head mount

stupid2574 says:

Im SOOO hyped for this year. Too bad I still gotta get through finals first before i go :/

Mr.Pielover sporting and vlogs!!!! says:

I don’t know,what is in it


Yesterday my binding came off on top the mountain and I wish I had a board tool

kshamwhizzle says:

that pack is shockingly good. I seem to tear through gloves and Dakines usually last about a month. but my Heli has lasted I think four or five years now? including a season as a lifty basically being used and ridden with every day. also fits nice and snug when being snowboarded with. feels like I’m wearing: nothing at all!

sool10 says:

Bro you need to check out newest DJI pocket camera. It would work like gopro+karma grip but is 10times smaller than your recent setup.

Savrum says:

Im kind of lost here, im a 250 pound guy with size 15 feet and i cannot find an all terrain board with true twin at all. I would really appreciate if I could get some guidance as to which boards are compatible. my price range is around 300 to 450 Canadian. I really want to get into snowboarding.

Генрих Строитель says:

Шикарный набор!

gbasl says:

Great to hear you finally address avalanche safety. I may have missed it, but I haven’t yet seen a video where you go into the dangers of avalanches and what safety measures to take. Im sure you take all necessary safety precautions, but as you say yourself, it really isn’t apparent in your videos that you’re on a face with no or little avalanche risk. I know that I often wondered why you were riding without backpack in what seemed to be backcountry areas. I think it would be nice with a dedicated video explaining all this stuff so kids dont get the wrong idea 🙂

Trevor Davis-Dressner says:

Would highly recommend a very small emergency first aid kit with like bandages a wrap, and some hydrogen peroxide and a lighter, helps if u get cut on the slope and you don’t want to go to first aid

dave harrsch says:

Had a board stolen last season, it’s never fun, buy a lock

Ofir Uziel says:

you should get a dual battery charger for the gopro batteries and charge them while u ride with that power bank.

HOLAR 474 says:

Its early

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