2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 1 I Part 1 I NBC Sports

What you missed in PyeongChang last night: The torch is lit, action kicked off and Team USA’s Red Gerard put down one of the most creative and exciting runs of the day in snowboard slopestyle qualifying.


Nathan Rock says:

Why do they have women in olympics? Olympics are supposed to show the best human kind has to offer, not some 2nd grade school player who’s miles behind the 1,000th placed man.

Jordan says:

4:17 the moment i’ve been waiting for

Empire Patriot Network says:

Wheres MATT laur?????
Pedophile news network…….
Sick fucks

Ellakim says:

Not pyong-chEng. It’s pyong-chAng, like how is pronounced Apple

Joey Dunlop says:

Not alot of colored athletes in winter games….is it the cold weather?

ExitStay says:

I hope the USA loses everything under Trump.

Ham Jesus says:

Keep up the curling Canada. Fuckin wanks

GDI says:

Fuck your ads

Th3 Troop3r[TLS] says:

Mario and Sonic would have destroyed them

Bernie Serrano says:

Don’t use Aaron Rodgers name when you know damn straight ur not gonna win

Jak Johnson says:

Boycott these anti American ass holes.

John Pope says:

The Calderon, sign of the times!

stonehenge4000 says:

low medal count.
I blame the president

Otiss says:

This lady has shot so much botox in her face its like shes going for a medal too

Caleb Collins says:

so what if I am you must be to

rainygirl says:

I want what she’s on

Caleb Collins says:

share that is not allowed.

Hudaman says:

Hopefully, the Winter Olympics will make up for the World Cup failure for the USA.

Mitchell Castillo says:

Don’t trip https://youtu.be/DK1p13MNDgo

Nikola Bijeliti says:

What words would you use to describe a White person who loves his race and wants to see it continue into the future? Hater? Racist? Nazi? White supremacist?
Our anti-White establishment is doing everything within its power to eliminate White children through massive non-White immigration into EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. Under international law, this is genocide, White genocide.
They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

AmericansAgainstBush says:

No bueno, NBC.

mnbhj8 says:

Terrible coverage, get yourself together NBC. You’ve killed only pic coverage in the USA

elizabeth noyb says:

Question: Why in the hell did the winners get cheap looking white stuffed tigers instead of medals?!

Deep South says:

At least they call it GAMES because most of this crap is not SPORTS

Lauren Corso says:


andeace23 says:

why won’t they just post the events online….

Grant Wallace says:

NBC, you suck.

Jonathon Hang says:

Damn we suck in the olympics

Trevor Manning says:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNYBERX6YcqS9z_EdrK-7-Q/videos check out this channel if you dont like the message leave , if you do subscribe it really helps

Winter Snowfury says:

The Goblet Of Fire!

Matt Kozak says:

Will you check out my first attempts at a music video on my channel?

Ths Kįtty says:

She looks mad high

Jonathan Park says:

NBC = Never Believe this Channel

Stephen Smith says:

Thank you NBC Sports for bringing me the Winter Olympics recap. Go Canada
Curling Team!

SNJ says:

Glad some of the athletes were able to politicize the Olympics before fucking up royally and putting us in 5th place. #whiteliberals

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