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Kodie On the Radio says:

I’ve always wanted to do this rip

John Russell says:

1:20 thats a buddy of mine from FSJ. Havent seen the guys in ages was random seeing this here.

Fxsh FPS says:

I don’t get people on the roofs. Do they even understand how a snowboard works ? It uses the lack of friction to slide across the surface with ease. Shingles on the other hand produce more friction than anything close to the friction snow produces. Point being, they’re dumbasses.

brownpunk says:

very encouraging for a beginner like me lol

Caramel Bun says:

What’s the outro?

Taelynn Powlesland says:

as a skier i LOVE LOVE LOVE waching snowboarders fail!!!!!

Aaron Frazier says:

girl at 1:32 lmfao. i feel for her because that was exactly what happened to me on my first run ever. Completely destroyed my tail bone

It's me Ashen says:

I like how the title says april 2018 but it was uploaded in november 2016. CHRIS HANSEN MIND FREAK.

Gordon Ramsay says:

0:07 keep repeating

Anton Öberg says:

well when I go snowboarding I come two meters and then I fall

Ghddsfhtfd Fgtdr says:

This is sooooooo funny

A. Tripșa says:

I finally went in vacation and today I’m going skiing!!! I’m so excited!!!

MIkkel Rossavik says:

id on jacket from 0:34

Jacob Mahaffey says:

What was that first guy thinking??

Charmander says:

I have a snow bordimg fail my self……

Ok when i was little my mom took me put to go snow boarding…. And. I jumped over a huge pile of snow and i was going to fast and i went in to the trees and… Broke my left arm and right leg……

Nevr going agian

ThAt MemE GuY says:

1:47 is awesome

Jordan Vandevegte says:

To 2:48 would have been a sick shot if he didn’t fall

Laramie Payne says:

Idk what the fuck has people thinking that a snowboard is going to slide on roof shingles. Fuckin idiots.

Tim Amarok says:

The first one was so cute.

kenan kutlu says:

1.24 Türkler as bayrakları

SHOverload says:

Most of this would have been avoided if you used the bindings

GOSPARTY 000000 says:

2:32 is he ok

Allan Li says:

0:28 that outfit is so cool!

MrHilltopper28 says:

Send it!

zach Taney says:

Does anyone know where to get that guys jacket in 0:30 ?

Frankie 431 says:

1:32 something similar happened to me last season. After a jump I looked back and turned my whole body and caught my edge, my lower back still hurts till this day.

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