Busta Rhymes & Boarder Style Finals – WSSF 2017

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In this video we’re in Whistler for the world ski & snowboard festival and heading up the mountain to check out the boarder style finals! Boarder Style is a mix of boarder cross and slope style, where your best time and best trick are counted together. After boarder style we headed down to the base of the Whistler mountain to watch the free Busta Rhymes concert! Busta Rhymes is a hip hop artist and mogul from Brooklyn, NY. It was an incredible day of snowboarding and music! Thanks for watching!


semajgnik says:

Good thing everyone was here yesterday. The mountain was nice and empty on a powder day!

Board Archive says:

Looks like such a sick show!

mellon says:

busta rhymes and snow what can be better

Wooshy Grinders says:

Am I a beginner if I can ride 50mph, do rails and boxes, and press. Also carve easily and hit jumps with grabs?

JMAC x says:

Who else listened to “Look at me now” like years ago?

misterfunnybones says:

2:48 Boardercross: Did #3 make it over the water?

Tom Hao says:

How tall are TJ and Kevin?

R 100 says:

lmao Busta Rhymes turnin up in Canada

J Parker says:

your boy looks like Ed Sheeran lol

McDudes says:

wtf is he doing there?

Cheryl Dietrich says:

How fun!! Would’ve loved to have been there!

Fire Rose says:

Wasn’t a fan of the music and the editing this time. sorry

reservoirman says:

man he was performing the classics!

MLB Films says:

What’s up guys! My passion is filmmaking and I create action packed short films 😀 Check out some of my work if you’d like!

Jeremy Stig says:

Busta seems like a funny dude.

Gabriel Larscheid says:


Jeremy Hall says:

Almost but 1 second short

林捌零 says:

Is that GoPro Fusion?

CalifroniaCrusin' says:

I like the normal vlog better

Brian McNeil says:

Way too #Dope! =)

RC Crazy says:


Billy DaBaus says:

I was there lol. But I retired early to my lodge just before Busta Rhymes showed up. What a missed opportunity 🙁

Forkpop says:


Couldn’t Think Of A Good Username says:

It sucks I can’t be apart of the notification squad because half of the notifications I get are around 12-4 am

Call me Krazy says:

My bindings broke a while ago while I was doing a tamedog and now I’m not sure if I can snow board this season

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