Cross Country Snowboarding

Unreel #10 skootches up to meet Joel and Tate, the world’s most dedicated Nordic Snowboarders.

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Jaycefow says:

Is this fake. I hope it’s fake

Catherine Allen says:

I’m a skate skier now turned flat snowboarder. Hands down best sport ever. 2017 finals coming up and looking forward to my best right leg skootch 100m dash.

Stoked Backwoods says:

that was hilarious!!

Sagina1999 says:

I love this deal. So funny. I watch it each year and it’s always good! You guys rock and I am a skier! Frickin’ love you guys for this awesome work!

Lucio Iva says:

This is such a good troll lol

Big Poppa says:

Guys, I love your sarcasm its just hilarious.

Sandy Argyris says:

This is bullshit right?!

George Saxe says:

Well that was dumb

Video one says:


flattinjib flattinjib says:

Where can I get the Phlat video? XD

Zara Imrie says:

Love it…favourite line is the triple entendre 🙂

shauncartman says:

honestly i am so tired that i just believed it. they sold it so good. or maybe im just a dumbass


One of the funniest vids I’ve ever seen!

SteezyPotato says:

Phlat…. lmfao

Zombie4416 says:

so fuckin funny. 84 cross-country skiers disliked this video

Morris Corp says:


Jeshajah Israel says:

Skootch blunts all day! 180 out!

practice says:

A mn

Anna Flanagan says:


Shiming Huang says:

waiting to see someone really do it

Kayley Hart says:

This guy told me he was a X country snowboarder. I had never heard of it, so I looked it up. -_-

cccwqeqc OOOqqqwrtcc says:

+Matthew Pulley

Dick Ploughzer says:

Hahaha this is hilarious

Lyle Robinson says:

Dudes…you lost a day of snowboarding making this youtube…you will never get that back.

Aubrey Lake says:

that treadmill thing looks fun af!

Matt Blazze says:

buahahahaaa watched this like 4x today

Nick Luongo says:

“skootch leg”

D-nasty says:

I thought this was serious until about half way through, haha

Diana Ramirez says:

SImply Genius ! LOL too funny! 🙂

ShredDh says:

I am inspired #schoochforever

BJ001 says:

“we dont want to make it look lame”

Nilton Azambuja Jr. says:

Great video! Great…sport!

Ken2234 says:

lmao funny as shit!

Tem Teremtem says:

it should be remaked by Monty Python :))

Austin Catmull says:

Hahahahaha… So funny!

ZeesyGaming says:

What the hell.
How long can one do this without loosing all their energy?

cccwqeqc OOOqqqwrtcc says:

Hoooly shit

Oamar Kanji says:

hands down best vid on tube

Stanislav Fokin says:

Oh, that’s rly great xD should be an Olympic sport

Markii 1125 says:

Is this fake?

Yasha Flasha says:


Mark Pohto says:

this is soooo lame lol

Bill Sinn says:

This is what I see most snowboarders doing?

Chris Hendrickson says:

Wish this would make a come back. It’s hard to find comps to compete in anymore out west now. Guess not enough phlat land.
“So we’re rocking a triple entendre there ya know”
Skootch leg. Too much!

Matt Blazze says:

funny AF

Mair Bear says:


doogify1 says:

they are joking or are brain dead

Krince Ganoubli says:

is this serious?

Bryant Wang says:

“its never ganna be a big thing, and that how i know it it’s a big thing”  hipsters~ LOL

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