FULL BROADCAST: Men’s Snowboard Big Air | X Games Aspen 2019

Watch the replay of the FULL BROADCAST of the Men’s Snowboard Big Air final at X Games Aspen 2019!

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elliott jaeger says:

The annoucerse are slept on. They are amazing

dbutter says:

I think the most viewed sporting event is the Olympics

Tyson Dent says:

Anyone know what the opening music is

Matt Mikulich says:

As someone who throws frontflips off jump kickers, it’s hard to imagine doing it on such a massive jump without over rotating. Haven’t really seen anyone else do them besides Ulrik Badertscher. Not nearly as tech as what Darcy and Sven are throwing, but doing such a small trick on an enormous feature requires insane nuance and precision, all in the service of style. It’s basically the snowboard equivalent of threading a needle with an excavator.

upplsuckimcool16 says:

8:11 most enthusiastic fan EVER!

8:12 he meant remiss lmfao.

Lets Go Blues!!! says:

All Canadien’s it’s time……. hurry home and open your box of faith!!!

Sean Davis says:

holy santa claus!

Zachary Taylor says:

That mid rotation shifty from Darcie

Terry Fonte says:

1:08 + 9:18 + 16:43 (Sebbe), 1:58 (Rene), 4:58 + 24:50 + 33:08 (Sebastien), 6:36 + 14:02 + 20:32 (Chris), 10:41 + 17:47 (Darcy), 11:30 + 18:18 + 22:37 + 24:03 (Takeru), 13:11 + 25:38 (Sven), 14:52 + 21:04 + 27:17 (Mark). Bail: 26:33 (Chris)

Jacky Hyper says:

sry he couldn’t speak english can someone bring him a translater ??? he did really really good ! congrats younge man !

dudebro says:

That last run Otsuka did was insane. If he landed that one..


Props to the camera guys going down the jumps holy cow!

ThatNickFTMDude says:

Marc mcmorris showed everyone what true sportmansship is,

Sebe and Darcy showed that snowboarding isn’t all about jamming as much turns in your tricks as you can, but that slow and stylish tricks are beautiful too, and that snowboarding is all about having as much fun as possible. They were the true winners of the night.

Casey Darr says:

Sebe … All time fav

Roger Rees says:

Aspen has more weed dispensary’s than gas stations #funfact

Jason Michael says:


Bojan Naneski says:

Sebbe De Buck!!! the most cool guy, nice tricks and unique, you are the winner for me buddy!!!! great slow mooooo jump i replayed 1.000 times!!! Good Job!!!

GoodLuckLive says:

Is it just me or is the camera work beyond amateur? Someone give my dad his Handycam back.

Overkill79 says:

Now *this* is a proper upload! Why can’t the half pipe be in 720p60?

Rafa v says:

Sebbe was so fun to watch, you actually dont know what he is going to do next but its gona be fun to watch. you dont get that with the others. On the other hand, he knows hes not gona score points, so its almost like hes not taking it seriously, sort of diminishing the other contestants runs. but then again, its fun, so who cares

Kuriah 333 says:

So much love in this game, everyone smiling, everyone supportive. I could get used to this

ぽぴぴーぼんぼん says:


Randumb online person123 says:

Is it bad that jump is like 1/3 of most the hills at my local resort

MrCringe 1 says:

Who is the founder og xgames
He’s smaaaart

송지섭 says:

와… 대박

T Evans says:

24:36 Draaake?!

Rileswithsoul says:

Mark looked liked a Vail lifty taking a lunch break run

Andy Polk says:

damn. snowboarding lookin like ssx tricky these days

Алексей Кочанов says:

37:29 the invisible man don’t care about freezy weather!

Subscribe me for no reason says:

poor seb

Franco Bino says:

yellow guy is AWESOME, his superman trick is also impressive than all this rotation! so much style for a big men!!!

VladZ Sports says:

https://youtu.be/wimRw3LBJ_o watch vid crazy

Synathidy says:

25:09: I don’t think this sort of broadcast is an appropriate place to show a snowboarder dude “feeling himself.”
Certain other websites though, it’d be okay.

kotetsu- says:



Mod Squad says:

Only other sport I’d rep if I wasnt a dirt rat.

JonoZ says:

It’s all about the style for me. The Canary is killin it.

S I says:


Phil Case says:

“It fires me up, boys”. Somebody’s been watching Letterkenny.

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