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What is Camber? What is Rocker? Flat? Hybrid Camber? When choosing a snowboard, the most important feature to look at is the camber profile. The bend of your board has the strongest affect on the way it rides, so we made this video to clear up all the jargon and help you find the best profile for you. In general, camber boards are best for aggressive riders because they give you more pop, power, and edge control. Reverse camber (rocker) boards lift the contact points out of the snow for easy edge to edge turning and playful catch free riding. This makes them perfect for beginners, casual riders, and park rats. Flat and hybrid camber boards blend the best of both worlds to give you all around boards for the whole mountain.

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What is Camber? What is Rocker? Flat? Hybrid Camber? Check out our How to Choose a Snowboard Camber Profile video:

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1,000 Subscribers For no Reason says:

What would be good snowboard for tricks, carving and stable?

andrew douglass says:

HI..i am looking for a board that is stabil on Butters and carving.i am little better than beginner and looking to spice up my slopes by learning to butter in adition to carving.not confident yet to hit the park. i was thinking Burton Process flying V. or would it be better to have camber in middle ?

Anesh Pema says:

Great vid. I’m a good intermediate riding mostly pistes (all grades) some park in which i suck but want to get a little better. I weigh 65 kg and slim build. Riding a 2006 burton custom. I only get to ride a week a season. Any tips as to what to buy next

Karolis I says:

Hello, i am new to snowboarding and deciding on what board should i get. I really want it to be catch free and stable at the turns maybe even for agressive carving also i i’d like it to be interesting to ride more than 1 season. I am thinking about Burton Blunt with a new flying V bend. Thank you!

Aija Ambrasa says:

Hi! Great video, good explanation 🙂 I am looking for a snowboard for snowkiting (kitesurfing). I can’t choose between flat and rocker to camber. Basically I wan’t it to ride fast and go upwind better. Which one would be better choice? The riding position is different than snowboarding – front leg is straight, back leg is bended, and you ride on only one edge.

Singed L'incurvé says:

Hi thanks for the vid ! I have a little question, i ‘m an intermediate snowboarder ( i carve well, i succeed with 180’s even if sometimes i fail xD, and i ride well in general, i’d like to go deeper in freestyle, either flat or jump(butter, grabs, 360’s) i’d like to know what is better ? I will not pass my day at parks but i’d like to be able to if i want. So what is better in your opinion ? Thanks !

Arman N says:

Awesome Vid! I just rode up in Sugar Mountain NC for a few days on some rental Atomic snowboard (150cm). I’m just beginning to learn to carve and connect turns with speed. I’m also learning to trust myself of going toe-side. I’m 5’9″ and about 150 lbs. Is there a camber style and length you would recommend?

JFomo says:

My board is flat. Stiff and catchy as hell. Excellent at carving and landing jumps. However im not pro enough to do 180’s off jumps due to the many catches if had in the past.

Allo says:

What about the Flying V from burton?

TickleChits says:

What was the last board shown? That thing was sick

Phu Dao says:

Best up to date camber profile explaining. I’m looking for a board thats catch free hybrid camber when riding flat foot. Is flat in the middle and rocker tail and nose the best option for me? And how about Camber in the middle and rocker on tip and tail?

MotoMadMan says:

I’m looking for a board that is good for jibs, rails, jumps, tail presses, and fast runs. What type of board should I get?

Mason Leto says:

awesome vid. I’m looking for a board that can handle high speeds and jumps but also playful enough for butters and rails and ease of carving. what do you suggest camber wise?

crosshair says:

i’m a beginner just started, i have a wide 154cm k2 fatbob. i’m 5’11, size 12boots,weight is 195lb is the board too small, should i get a 159cm?

88 245 says:

I’ve been riding a Rossi amptech district for 2 years and i wanted to pick up something different.. i spoke to a few people and one suggested a Rome blackjack. I purchased it and unfortunately i live in Florida so my trips are over for this winter. Can you give me an idea of what to expect out of this flat camber board and was it a good choice..?

dizzy Dave says:

hey guys looking to buy my first set up im sort of inbetween beg and int my local guys are saying the k2 turbo dream would be match.. im 6″1 and 130 kg with a 11.5 foot… you thoughts would be good

Hasegawa Takumi says:

im really new to snowboarding, and im deciding which kind of board i should get, ive only snowboard once, and decided to get a new board! what would you suggest just riding in a park? directional or twin? camber or rocker? Tbh, i just got a burton ripcord 3d with v-rocker bend, but im still not too sure if this is the right board for me. what is your advice? many thanks in advance!

EDY LIVE says:

My first board is Rocker, I want to upgrade to more stable boards. I do powder sometimes I want something more stable than rocker what do you recommend ? Flat, or Rocker-flat-Rocker, or Rocker-Camber-Rocker, or Camber-Rocker-Camber ? As you explained R-C-R is what I need but I quite didn’t get how C-R-C rides I need help.
And thanks in advance

Stefanie Kirschner says:

I am a beginner, height 164cm (5.38 feet), what do you think is the best board for me?

Alec Ward says:

I ride a forum destroyer chili dog and I like how forgiving it is but I’ve noticed when I hit higher speeds it gets pretty washy and feels like certain death. What would you recommend when looking for a board that’s playful but still offers stability at high speeds and on jumps. It is my first season too so I am lacking in skill. Thanks for all your help

jmmurdy says:

Nice video.

Android says:

Easier to carve with a rocker board did you say? I don’t think that’s correct….

Piotr Kisna says:

What can you recommend of the camber to rocker?

Sammie Tam says:

please help. I will be picking up park board in next few days. lib tech box scratcher or capita Scott Steven? mainly for flat land tricks.
Thank you and welcome any comments or suggestions.

Parker Williams says:

that space case is a gorgeous board.

Jasmin Rufes says:

Im a beginner and i sorta got the camber rocker is that still okay to practice on?

MiniTrash Creations says:

Do a stiff vs soft flex video pls

VHS SuperParty says:

2:45 strait nawwsty

Bonzy25 says:

Video was great….good explanation…. Can u tell me the board that u used when u did ur explanation for the flat boards? Thanx

Angela Kwiatkowski says:

Hey! So I learned with a GNU BTX rocker, and I really don’t like how I keep popping out when I try to stop fast. It’s like I’m skidding down the hill until my board finally grabs.
I’m looking for a board that doesn’t do that, one that I can take on some real mountains, and still have the ability to go over some small jumps…but no park.
I appreciate any feedback!

Malik Richards says:

Question: just had some really deep snow day from a winter storm (4 feet of light fresh powder in 3 days) and it’s got me looking at some powder boards. I love the surfy feeling of the K2 cool bean I was riding, however a few days later the snow was deep but more packed down and icy in some spots so I’d like a powder board that could carve really well. I’ve been looking at the T-Rice HP Pro/Jones Flagship/Jones Hovercraft. I really wanna go with the T rice but I’m curious with the C2 camber profile how well is it gonna be in powder? Having camber under foot kinda makes it seem like it would dig into the snow rather than float.

Dana Villani says:

your cute

Blaz Oparenovic says:

hello i am buying a snowboard camber and can u help me whitc one is good ooo i am riding mostly on normal tracs and little in park. Thank you

Max Winslade says:

I just got back from la plagne in France, using my 154 forum freestyle board. Looking at getting something that I can use for a little pow, piste but mainly jib and just playing about. What would you suggest board wise? I saw a gnu metal that seemed to fit the bill.

Dan Wedrat says:

Sweet video! I’m looking to buy my first board. I think I’m keen on a hybrid, just don’t know which. Camber/Rocker or Rocker/Camber. Last season I rented a Jones Aviator. Enjoyed it. So Maybe Camber/Rocker would be closer to the aviator with a little forgiveness?

Kariminal7 says:

What is the kind of camber on the boards that most rental places give the average person, or could it be anything?

Joe Bailey says:

CAM-ROC all the way

Kristen Laidlaw says:

I’m looking for a new board so love the 411! Too many decisions haha!! I want stability on the fast flats & trees, but still float in pow. No park for this old lady. I’m thinking Camrock.

Petros Kefallinos says:

Hybrid camber is it then!! Great video, thanks!

Chrisele Trinidad says:

I’m trying to improve my buttering but I also like to carve. What kind of board should I get?

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