Onewheel: The World is Your Playground

Onewheel :: the Revolutionary Electric Boardsport goes from the lab to the dirt. The 2000W brushless hub motor, lithium batteries, dynamic stabilization and digital shaping combine to create an incredible carving machine. Order now at: @rideonewheel

Onewheel enables you to interact with the world in ways never thought possible. The ability to chose your line and commit no matter where you’re riding makes you realize the world is one giant powder run. Our riders took off from the factory and shredded some amazing terrain and features. Get yours and push the limits of this brand new boardsport. California dreamed, California made.

Please Ride Responsibly. Always wear a helmet.

Please Note: Onewheel is water resistant, not water proof. Riding on the shore or in small amounts of water may result in water damage which is not covered under warranty. Ride at your own risk, be careful, have fun!


Jack Rathert says:

ONEWHEEL I’m sorry. These are awesome. But for your price point, the average person will not be able to afford these. If you maybe make a more affordable choice that’s easier to manufacture and has fewer features, then you’d build up a better base of customers, and might have more people willing to invest in a more premium version.

An example of this is Krytac’s Alpha line of Airsoft guns. While being a premium manufacturer, they produced a line of good but not AS good guns that more people could afford. This led to a large increase in New Krytac customers. 800-1000 would make a good board with still plenty of quality and dropping 500 off will make up for the lack of newer features such as increased top speed and silent motor.
Free advice, freely given. This goes for any premium product.

Channy O says:

I have one like my inmotion v8 euc a Lil better tho

Idkwn Idkwn says:

I am from germany and DUDEEE this is so cool but really expensive but i don’t care i have to get this thing #loveonewheel

Albert Artemov says:

So your target audience is teenagers who wear beat up vans and have $1300 laying around?

Aaron Dravis says:

screw that price

C͙H͙R͙O͙M͙A͙ says:

Is it me or it’s that when you try and look for the store on their website it’s about boat shops.

the 3 amigos says:

nice i have one of them they are really good and i could go anywhere with it

Hugo Josefsson says:



Can you guys send me a one wheel plus

Ruben Diaz says:

does someone know the name of the song on the video on kickstarter of the One Wheel?

Lindsay Allen says:

West Cliff Santa Cruz, nice

Hawkeye Alpers says:

Hey I am a huge fan and I was wondering if you guys have any big discounts on one wheels or if u give any away

Rajeev Sahu says:

Mountain bike for me.

brian odorico says:

where do you put it when you are surfing? shits getting stolen.

Kookoocachoo says:

00:48 That music is so unnecessary. You’re rolling down a dirt hill… It’s not some spiritually fulfiling chacra balancing crap. It’s just annoying how everyone tries to get you to buy off emotion.

crfsikness says:

for all the ones saying it’s too expensive go get a fuckin job you soulless lazy fuck yards! earn something for once in your fuckin life pussy ass bitches GET A JOB! 1500 is not THAT much money I am poor as shit and was able to get one after 6 months of saving and not spending on frivolous crappie maybe stop smoking weed for a fuckin hour and get some fuckin motovation

Clevo's Game says:

please deliver some onewheel in the philippines many people will buy it

leinad// // LD says:

Omg i just got a Onewheel and this looks like a perfect place ride it. Onewheel you are awsome

Blitherer Masterman says:

Same concept as the segway I guess, but only one wheel. How much range could these actually have though with a 2000w motor? I’m guessing not all that much.

Luis Martínez says:

¿que hacen lo ecologistas? yo siempre los veo en cosas como el algarrabico, pero no he escuchado nada de nada en toda mi vida contra la contaminacion mundial de la semillas manipuladas de Monsanto.

Heinrich says:

wow… 1500$… thats expensive…. No wait…. im my country… its FUCKING 6000

kirume3 says:

Make it foldable

Jeremy says:

What’s support and shipping like in Australia?

Pingschelle _ says:

Make it 1000 Dollars Cheaper and i will bought it

Golden Sim says:

looks pretty fun , and pretty simple to make , its really 1500$? good luck with that

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