Rome Gangplank Snowboard Review

Rome Gangplank Snowboard Review

Board: 2019 Rome Gangplank
Bindings: 2019 Rome Katana
Boots: K2 Ender (MM), Adidas Ultraboost (SS)

Walk the plank! And enjoy it.

The Rome Gangplank is a snowboard that is going to feel at home in most situations you put it into on the mountain; this board really embodies the classification of all mountain twin. A true twin shape, the Gangplank actually sports a camber profile that both of us tend to shy away from, flat to rocker. That being said, we found that the Gangplank didn’t fall victim to the usual pitfalls of this camber profile. It had lots of power coming out of carves and loading ollies/nollies, and most surprising was how little chatter and vibration we felt coming out of the nose and tail when we got going fast.

The Rome Gangplank feels substantial, it’s got some meat to it. One of the standout feelings we both had when riding this board was how durable it felt, it definitely feels like a board that will take beating after beating without changing too much over time. And let’s be honest, regular camber boards usually end up pretty close to flat, so ultimately you are looking at a board that is going to be consistent feeling through the time you have it.

The Gangplank looks cool. With the chopped nose and tail it’s nice to look down on, but they’ve done more here than just make it look cool. As a result of the blunted shape, this board has drawn out contact points which does a couple of interesting things: 1) gives the board lots of edge grab when carving, and 2) puts more effective edge on the ground when flat based – for the combined result of a flat-rocker board that rides more like a regular camber counterpart in terms of power and edge hold.

Overall feeling: This was a really versatile board, especially for a true twin. It’s not a specialist at any one thing, but for someone looking to add a quiver killer all around shredder to their own quiver this is definitely something we’d suggest taking into consideration. The early rise profile got us through some fresh stuff in the trees with no effort, and it transitioned from full speed groomers, to trees, to park and boardercross without having to think about it or adjust riding style. It’s also worth noting specifically how solid this board felt without feeling like a tank. Definitely worth checking out, talk to your local board shop or get out to a spring demo to jump on one.

@mtseymour for providing us a ‘Home Mountain’ and ideal multi-terrain testing ground for season 1
@cariboobrewing for keeping us hydrated, talking is thirsty work
@sandboxland for the sweet lid and goggle combo (safety first!!)

Gear in this episode:
@Rome Snowboards 2019 Gangplank Board
@Rome Snowboards 2019 Katana Binding
@k2snow Ender boots
@Adidas Ultraboost boots
@sandbox Legend Apex helmet
@sandbox Kingpin Shift lens goggle
@salmon arms mitts
@gopro Hero 5


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