Snowboard Cross | How They Train | TIME

Also called boardercross, snowboard cross will be in the Olympics for the second time. TIME’s Sean Gregory learns how to explode out of a start gate (sort of) with Olympic hopeful Nate Holland.
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Snowboard Cross | How They Train | TIME


Jack McGhee says:

Why don’t these motherfuckahs just throw out all those blue cubes already?

ilovetraveling7 says:

Do you guys have a How They Train for summer Olympic sports? I mean I love snowboard cross but I’d love to see a How They Train: Elite artistic gymnastacis

Jack McGhee says:

It’s nice to know there’s someone who’s saved more packing shit than we have at our house

Emerald says:

Is there a ski version of this

Bart Admiraal says:


Hidole555 says:

What the heck does snowboarding have to do with the PS3?

андрей мельников says:

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Jack McGhee says:

They shouldn’t make them jump on that bouncy thing so much

Ben Dreger says:

haha whatev that was robinsons first olympics and what happend to your american choker star jacobellis? hah maelle ricker raped everyone jacobellis didnt even make it to the final and lets not forget her in turin lol

SnowboarderXLXS says:

i am soo doing all of those work outs to be in the olympics!!!!


Scorpioissick says:

Music performers in this vid?

regard60 says:

ski jumping, slope style, boarder cross, half pipe and downhill skiing are deffs the best sports to watch

1Flyingfist says:

I never considered putting a bosu on a vibrating plate like that….

Ah-haaa! 😉

Bugod i says:

His training: have fun all day

Bart Admiraal says:

this is what I want!!!

Dora Johnson says:


12thLeveIWizardKing says:

The giant foam pit looks so cool. I want to jump on the trampoline and flip into it like that. lol.

ttekcebc says:

those courses would be so fun to ride on. it’s like a pumptrack with super lofty jumps. looks so fun to cruise…nevermind racing on them!

Daenen Knospe says:

Is this ssx


@flyeaglesfly22 Practice a lot, try out new stuff, find a place to try out bordercross tracks but most important of all: Have fun! 😀

flyeaglesfly22 says:

does anyone know how i can get into boardercross?

cffeekid says:

is there a boardercross track in minnesota does anyone know?

TV 2 FILM says:

Your Video Also called boardercross, snowboard cross will be in the Olympics for the second time Is Very Useful Sharing

Alexey says:

Nice equipment!

Tomek Koralewski says:

the best video

Gek Ching Lee says:

How about Figure Skating?

Jack McGhee says:

We’ve got a secret lab where we’re training these people?!?!

Christopher Donlon says:

What kind of burton bindings are those? C60’s or C02’s I’m guessing. It’s a custom x board with 09 Driver X boots.

Dora Johnson says:

@kyougurlie57 oh mybad!!!lol

Utubestir says:

I’m goin to race sbx for the 1st time this weekend THNX!

Tyler Brown says:

burton custom x

RoniRot says:

he didn’t fell, he just set and stood up basically.

Joey Almanza says:

Where is this place, is there anyplace like this near New York City or upstate?

Midwestpenance says:

Sean Gregory, you’ve had the best job in the world for the last few months. The only price you pay is a small amount of embarrassment went you attempt the sports. I am so thrilled for the Winter Olympics!

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