The Art of Snowboarding

Music: ‘Changes’ by Brook Candy
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Camera work: Cameron Sale

Board: Donek Twin Custom build for my specs


Sander Verbeek says:

Thanks for your video’s! I like them a lot.

Izidor Kogovsek says:

love your style

Иван Кудашев says:

Ryan, Hi from Russia!! Really cool style of SnowBoarding!! AWESOME Video! Thank you ! OF course LIKE =) !!!

This_Multiverse says:

so sick

Massimo Scianguetta says:


Shofar So Good says:

was that slip sliding sped up for regular speed? you were flying pretty cool and funny looking

ay chihuahua says:

Just wanted to say your videos are truly a blast to watch and inspire me to really pay attention to what im doing when riding, specifically the how to really carve vids. what are your top 5 artists on your playlist, you always have phones on so i know youve got some good suggestions for a wicked riding soundtrack. cheers from Canada 😉

maverickeD1988 says:


Ole Ronny Johansen says:

My alltime fav youtube video! God damn this makes me want to cruise all day long!

Mike Googloman says:

Сделал просто наш сезон этим видео 🙂

Ryan Klug says:

the guy at 53 seconds LOL He must be saying what the f*** just passed me .. a wizard on a board. Ryan I have to commend you for your patience especially for the question of what you have your binding angles at probably five thousand times lol and how many different videos you’ve been asked that even from videos from to 3 years ago I admire your patience for everybody asking questions

Florin F. says:

Every time I watch this I want to go boarding

Rotaks says:

I’ve never been riding on snow type like you are in your films. I have a hard like concrete ice snow or very bumpy terrain. You always ride on flat (not bumpy) terrain but yet you have enough snow to make sprays. I’ve never seen you on “annoying” terrain. How you doing that you always has this “perfect” surface ? 🙁
You’ve got some one special place where the surface is always perfect or maye you start early on the morring when there’s no peaople, etc ?

Chen Jun says:

shreading like a song

angelsintheunknown says:

anyone know who sings this song

Florin F. says:

From Ohio with much lov to the sport you are amazing bro !!! Maybe ill get to see you
Sometime in Colorado hopefully at beaver creek this march

justin baba says:

this is so fucking amazing, can you make like a 10 minute clip of you doing just this? the funny flip flops and shit. god what do i love watching this. even with this chill song on it too. is this kind of snowboarding a special method i can search for on youtube?

Xiaoyu Zhang says:

Hi Ryan, your videos really inspire me to ride better. I watched all of your tutorials and have a few questions. I can do the noserolls (fs bs and regular switch) but have a lot of trouble doing the tail rolls. It feels very unnatural to swing the front of the board back. Any suggestions to overcome this?

JxC250 says:

i know i wont get as good as you ever, but you’re definitely inspiring me to switch from skiing to boarding after being a skier for almost a decade

ken ken says:

(´∀`)b    good job !!!!!

TheSoarc says:

respect. awesome style.. really like it.

Moondaka89 says:

The art of art

Ildus Cr says:

What specs did you choose for your snowboard?

Daniel Paek says:

fresh ride! with fresh tunes.

Mike Googloman says:

очень нравитя твои видео, больше больше больше :)))))))))

Nikita Tarasov says:

Amazing video!

TheDemonNachos says:

This is some awesome shit. Can’t stop watching it. I bought a season pass and Im am trying so hard to achieve that level of shredding. I have size 10 1/2 feet, 160 lb 6 ft, and I’m thinking about buying a Ride Helix as my next board. I have a 2013 Machete GT that is getting hammered this season, would having a wide board help me get closer to that level of carving you so gracefully displayed?

Daylan Scarff says:

0:00 wow this dude sucks

0:40 holy shit!

Sandfurtz says:

this is so awesome!

Janneman96 says:

I’ve watch this video like 10-15 times now. How do you only have 60k views? This is great! I shared it with a lot of friends too 🙂

Chros Fernandez says:

Good Shit Maynard !!!!! So fun to watch !!!!!!!!

over9000bullets says:

wat dis song?

Rija Ratsimihah says:


Stephen Gau says:

Incredible boarding and camera skill! What are you using to stabilize the picture so nicely while filming???

Ben Sadikin says:


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