Vancouver 2010 (PS3) Snowboard Cross

Snowboard Cross event for Vancouver 2010 for the Playstation 3.


Laura Wild says:

Why haven’t there been any actual snowboarding games out lately >.>

And no, Shaun White’s does not count.

drugera says:

This looks so extremely boring. -.- even i can do better tricks – in reality.

Shevaun Jones says:

@PhilGer1234 maaybe thats due to the fact that its a game just based on the olympics…

Zach Coulson says:

yes this game does have online play and no making character as far as i know glad to help XD

Alex Mantei says:

Whats this game called? Vancouver 2010?

PogoLothoin says:

0:53 LOL

Rolandhinho says:

Cool Boaders 3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This…..

Hans Igna says:

they call it boarder cross because of gates and berms and the same drop off jumps with no landing? lol pathetic.

Where are the woops, step ups, rhythm sections? This is what happens when computer nerds design your games.

Connor Abbott says:

I would actualy argue that the best video games are the ones that closly represent reality- genuis.

iñigo arana yurrebaso says:

ufff 1.05.67 is world record now in ps3 PAULEOLIMPIC player

drieshy says:

Dude,compare this to ssx

pottupannu says:

poor snowboarding gameplay

Josh Gent says:

it is a bit of a mixture of everything realy. it can’t be a mixture of motorcross how ever because no motor’s exist in the game. tbh, i don’t think u can realy compare it to any other sport, it’s just the best.

schlik20 says:

youre so good how do you get so good i want to be good.

TheArmuxxx says:

@venster2006 hmh i agree

HelloWorld492 says:

@buggeazy102 no

tupluck699 says:

dude this game has amazing graphics

Connor Abbott says:


MagicSpartan says:

Yeah, but thats Wii. You don’t make a game that was awesome in every aspect on PS2 and Xbox and make a sequel ON WII! An SSX must be made for PS3. I need awesome graphics, fun tricks, cool mountain slopes, tons of variety. SSX 3 is my favourite Sports game. If they can make a game like SSX 3 on PS3, I’d be so happy.

DavidVillaFan2010 says:

@buggeazy102 lol

Sinisa Carevic says:

you dont corner well

bigwhiteflakes says:

Guys come on this is so realistic I mean don’t all snowboarders do grabs to get more speed 😛

Hans Igna says:

its a good thing boarder cross isnt about tricks.

Yes this looks extremely boring.

Simo Nedelchev says:

my best is 1,07,04 on the PC

TheArmuxxx says:

@venster2006 hah always the same shit when there is 3 minute video he say tha 4:32 was AWESOME

CaiO Bianchini says:

que lixo, já fiz em 1:07:75

Alex Evans says:

this game looks soo bad

Koontah Kentay says:

this is 2008

Zine Dahou says:

omg c nice

jackson clowes says:

now do it switch 🙂

bonchpatrol says:

@Rolandhinho That’s because Cool Boarders is more of an Arcade style snow-boarding game. This is more of a sim.

大崎アベル says:

so lame

Luc Stuart says:

USA sucks!!

Netherlands rulezzz!

Oz10 1 cent says:

they should have gaps and transitions that you land on!

Simo Nedelchev says:

my best is 1,07,04!

MareShabazz says:

omg BAD
im under the top 10 in snowboardcross on xbox live…
youre so weak

MagicSpartan says:

Yeah, I know what you mean. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an SSX game on PS3?

Sam Drozin says:

looks like crap

iBelgium says:

This game is bullshit. It’s just a merchandising product. SSX3 on ps2 is even 100x times better than this shit.

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