Wendy’s Snowboard Knuckle Huck: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2019

Watch the replay of the FULL BROADCAST of the Wendy’s Snowboard Knuckle Huck event at X Games Aspen 2019.

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stupid_sleazoid 2 says:

X Games, please fix the audio. OR video. not sure what’s broken exactly but they ‘re out of sync totally

T-grex says:

You should protect your cameras from the cold or something…

V says:

Seriously, the entire clip is out of sync. Do you need more corporate sponsorship money to actually get proper footage out to people?

TheCureThatKillz says:

Best event in the entire X-games

Martin indol says:

there is a jump to the left…

Seth Ellis says:

This is killer! Great event and will just continue to rock as riders feed off creativity of new riders.

WolfFrags says:

22:35 “Rennei Rennekaungos”

Matthew Nield says:

Fix the audio gap

1994 boarder says:

most creative contest since street rail thing

Bla Blabla says:

Is there a women’s version of this?

KallaMigCP says:

nice sound syncing you got there.

RedEyezzMilitia says:


shirley leah says:

Damn – junk food Wendys at a healthy sport event! Disgusting.

David Atkinson says:

This was sick

A Guy says:

Thank you Marcus. You spawned this…

4:06 & 4:56 people

Ginger Adventurez says:

Wendy’s Twitter wins, every time.

Martijn Hollmann says:

27:00 I did that to, btw landed once. Other time on my head 😉

Pool says:

I playng x games in steep

vince7428 says:

Pissed off Marcus Kleveland couldn’t be there…

Richard Anthony says:

Never heard of Wendy’s snowboards..

Seamus ONeill says:

Favourite event by far

majestytd says:

We all know that black folks dominate most of the sport out there, what happen if they invest in snowboarding and compete?

Raine Amory says:

is that Gus Kenworthy in the rainbow flag??? PREACH

1994 boarder says:

this is 100% halldor helgasons raping the landing idea from 2009

NyronGT says:

Dope event, horrible broadcast lags

Jose Ramirez says:

This Video lags, i tried it on a Cluster at NASA and its still lagging.

Brobie Wan Kenobi says:

This easily helped me forget Harley Davidson trying to adverstise their totally out of place bikes with slow boring hillclimbs. This was sick. Plain and simple.

Matt Dunham says:

Great event. Rubbish quality. Why cant you guys upload the original file, not this stutter island crap???

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