10 Butter Tricks & Bataleon Magic Carpet Snowboard Review

TJ’s Gear:
Bataleon Magic Carpet Snowboard: http://tinyurl.com/kjv4ove
Union Contact Binding: http://tinyurl.com/l9o8egj
Dragon NFX Goggle: http://tinyurl.com/m7qbt5b
Volcom JLA Hoodie: http://tinyurl.com/n65vrxj
GoPro 4 Black: http://amzn.to/2kbWlkI
Feiyu Tech Gimbal: http://amzn.to/2k1jhkq
Rode Mic: http://amzn.to/2kCeOne

Check out the written review at: http://boardarchive.com/bataleon-magic-carpet-snowboard-review/

In this snowboard review video I’m testing out the 2017 Bataleon Magic Carpet snowboard. The Magic Carpet is a decent snowboard for carving and has a playful feel with what Bataleon calls a “powder twin” shape. The biggest highlight for me on this snowboard is its 3 dimensional base shape called 3BT, or triple base technology. This shape helps the board float in powder and also creates a very catch free ride. The 3BT is so catch free that I was inspired to share a few of the butter tricks you may have seen or asked about in previous review videos in a little more detail. A lot of these butters build off of other tricks so make sure to watch the 10 butter tricks to learn first video:

If you have any questions about the Bataleon Magic Carpet snowboard or any requests please leave them in the comments below, and make sure to visit http://boardarchive.com for the full review of the Bataleon Magic Carpet!

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FluffyButter says:

Where can I cop that snowboard hoodie that you always wear!!!!!????

Gytis Meidus says:

Yoooo, i want this hoodie.!!!!

GeetardudexD says:


Randy Furlong says:

Nollie back 1, switch nose press, cab 1 out – sick looking trick when done well but It feels weird to do. For some reason its really scary!!

George Ivanov says:

beat name?

zeroqrwaskilla says:

awesome video as always TJ

trabant66666 says:

Is it better board than DOA 2017?

Mandy Jor says:

TJ! I was just at keystone this past weekend (March 17) and i really thought i heard your voice. Wish i said hi!

Danial Pham says:


inMotionSLB says:

this has enough content to try and learn for a week or two, awesome


muy buen video! ya falta poco para que llegue el invierno y poder practicarlos .saludos

MiniKodjo says:

does snowboard procamp upload videos during summer?

Niners4Lyphe says:

04:35. Glad I saw this before trying these tricks on my beginner 2117 Hintertux. I would have been on my ass every single time.

Nathan Hong says:

The perfect butter board is a NS Warlock

Lachlan Clark says:

can u do a tutorial on how to hand drag

Mattiece van hoof says:

do a salomon villan revieuw

Godzilla Yo says:


Joe Matroni says:

lmfao i can follow but there is so much lingo getting thrown around per the tricks i can see how this would be near impossible for some to follow. “nollie backside 180 cab to butter to switch nose press to cab out” lol like WTF?

Duncan Alexander says:

sick board and sick tricks!

Krzysztof Gołoś says:

i think it might be my choice for the next season

Kenneth Wen says:

awesome vid!! Love TJ’s style!! would love to see a vid by TJ on how to carve

Antti Sinisalo says:

Sorry for the off-topic question, but what pants are you wearing? (and which size are you and the pants) I am on a lookout for new pants and these seem perfectly slim/baggy. Due to current situation i have to order online, and can’t afford to miss with the choice. Nice video as well, keep it up.

Skylar Kirchner says:

*catches edge* dies

SkegAddiction says:

Hey I just went so sunshine today and I did your tips and landed a front and backside 180

Matt Smith says:

Is this dude pro?

CR Cook says:

TJ, would be cool if you could review a Yes board…like the Greats or the Optimistic.

H4ck3d0ff says:

Great vid. How does the magic carpet compare to the Evil Twin? I’ve been struggling to find the courage to attempt tricks with ET as it feels quite big and heavy on the feet.

Fox says:

Thank you very much for this review. I have magic carpet too. This board is perfect in rotation and It’s a new dimension in powder 🙂

mark anderson says:

yo tj what hoodie is that!! looks fresh

Francis D says:

J’veux aller ride!

Kalin Gergov says:

Hello, im like the average nerd on the slopes and i want to start doin some tricks .. but when i start riding, the thought that i have to spin while im riding is making me freez… Its like i know ill fell down and my body doesnt want to do what my heart wants.. haahaha So, actually my question is : is it easier if you ride faster or you can just as “easy” do it when you ride slowly ? And must i be verrry good at switch riding or i can get away with it if i just know how to stop switch?

Robert Borunda says:

The best person to learn butters from is mfm from the good ol days. And if you’re looking For something a little bit more current I would definitely recommend learning from Dylan Gamagh, hands downs the best edge control I’ve ever seen. Another thing buttering is not always based on the flex of the board a lot of it is speed the faster you go the easier it is to do over rollers and trannies balls to wall.

Brody McGill says:

does anyone know a good way to protect you phone on the mountain because I’m always paranoid I am going to break it

Miguel Diaz says:

How do this broad do on ice? I don’t get to much powder where I ride.

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