10 Snowboard Butter Tricks to Learn First


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In this video we’ll show you ten different butter tricks you can learn on your snowboard. We’ll start with beginner butter tricks you can practice on the flat ground and progress to more advanced butter tricks. A softer flex snowboard will make learning to butter much easier. The key for learning butter tricks is moving your weight over the tail or nose of your snowboard. Next you progress with your butter by trying them on different terrain and by adding spins and twists. Butter snowboard tricks are great to learn first because you can do them on all types of terrain.

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riley gilpatric says:

How soft/stiff does your board need to be for a lot of these tricks? Are they all doable with a stiff board?

Emily fb says:

My board has hard flex

Legit Nz says:

gater gappin’

Pablo Malaga says:

Me pegan en casa

Charles Li says:

u guys looks like twins

Pablo Malaga says:

Y voy a la excursión como un marginado

itz Nick says:

yoooo the jump i the background at 5:44

Orion says:

butter spin!!!!

dinkum83 says:

Big fan of this channel Kevin you the man

Pablo Malaga says:


MrPony Unicorn says:

Can I do all this with a relatively stiff board?

Duke Raoul says:

Trying the last few tomoz 🙂

Cypion gm says:

nice guys , great video . i am old now and come back to snowboard and try buttering. i like the bank trick with chris :i tried it yesterday ,it was great. now i would want to be better in tail and nose press, and i need to grow up my muscle and cardio .
it will be great if you put slow motion and narrows to explain more in details the forces u use at the t time
tx, kiss from france

Matthew Peirce says:

what mountain is this

Caleb's Cuboro Channel says:

good job

Pablo Malaga says:

Das pena bro

Aidan Doss says:

How do you keep from catching your edges on the butter nose roll?

Hoiho Slee says:

I have a flat base what should i do?

Jackson Catlett says:

How’s his snowboard so flexible? Mine was super stiff.

Sinist3r says:

Thanks for the video..

Man, in a previous video I thought you should get bigger goggles than your SPYs and it appears you did!

dfierros83 says:

How do you not catch edge!

Bigcauc505 says:

God I hate summer! great video! #taos

Pablo Malaga says:

Yo hago un halpie de esos y te fundo manco

Aleksej Rockatansky says:

Give me that money… LOOOL 😀 Great!

Brandon Phifer says:

Can I practice any of this in my living room?

Jeremy Delost says:

fumb zup

Johnny says:

I use to to 360s (2 NOSE ROLLS one after the other…) and didn’t know that’s what they were called..

yeah, it’s the #9th trick… that you guys do..

Samuel Palumbo says:

new to the channel, I’ve been checking out all your vids, awesome!

Pablo Malaga says:

Soy gilipollas tb

Hugo, Leo Och Alexander says:


Uzbagoin Uzbagoinovich says:

классно бро ))) буду учиться у тебя

Lee Babarovich says:

Sad that they have to make snow.

marcelguarachi says:


Pablo Malaga says:

No tengo dinero para el querkus

en4ce says:

whats the brand of the red jacket? anyone?

Alexander Fox says:


weedeatertijs says:

Haha that tripod move will cost you a pair of gloves a day :p

ikkarus87 says:

Awesome Video. How steep should the slope best be to practice?

Heiko Arnold says:

think his glasses are not big enough :O

Sinist3r says:

I love the tripod trick, no hand claps happenin’ for me though, thanks

Emily Andrews says:

I thought you were going to fall on your ass at 2:10

Guilherme D. says:

Mr. SnowboardProCamp, I think I just met your mother on a bus in vancouver the oher day hahaha she saw me holding my snowboard and started a conversation. Super nice woman

Jeff Stein says:

so i just bought a twin shape board. I ride trails and getting into parks. Grew up skateboarding. Would you recommend a truely centered stance or slightly back? i do ride switch a lot.

Love you channel!

Lakerguy1000 says:

Love your videos. You just got a new subscriber

김동일 says:


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