2016 Ski-Doo Summit and Freeride

Are you riding the sleds that are designed to respond to your every move? Are you carving lines you’ve never thought possible? Are riding through a tree stand you always avoided?

That’s what you can do when you ride the most agile and responsive mountain sleds. The 2016 Ski-Doo Summits and Freerides.

To learn more about the 2016 Summit and Freeride sleds or to Build your 2016 Ski-Doo snowmobile: http://www.ski-doo.com

Riding Gear, Accessories and Genuine Parts: http://store.ski-doo.com

Find a Dealer: http://www.brp.com/BRPDEALERLOCATOR

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Bryan Mayes says:

15-16k for a 2016 man where I line there all about 17,800 sticker price

justin james says:

I’m a yammy viper rider. I love this free ride. can’t wait to demo it

Reed Tuttauk says:

Could you send me a freeride?!?!

Larzyman says:

You guys havent changed a thing!

ColeKTM says:

Why hate? Ski doo makes great sleds, whether u want to hear it or not. Polaris also make great sleds. In this day and age, its all personal rider preference

RocketNothing says:

God that Freeride is ugly, looks like something a 12 year old would ride

Jeffery Van Meter says:

Arctic Cat is better

Glusica10191 says:

All I have to say Tucker hibbert and Kurt hibbert best riders ever put them on any sled they will win. Rider not sled. There all 2 expensive 15 grand for a sled it’s moronic. They haven’t fully perfected the 2 stroke yet then maybe it’s worth it.

Ryan Vandale says:

What’s the difference between the two sleds?

Robyn Larocque says:


weissjohnson says:

sledders expect a new engine and chassis every year no other sport changes as often as snowmobiles. You go ride with a guy like Karl Kuster he’ll make any sled go any where.

Dennis Møller says:

The most expensive sleds in the market…

Mitchell Hubert says:

What did they change? Nothing?

Len Whitney says:

What are the chances that BRP will come out with a longer track for chute climbing??..Everyone said “Ski-doo will NEVER MAKE A 174″!!!.well they did..the big question is…”Will BRP come out with a CHUTE CLIMBER???”.With all the money they make ?? Billions,when will they build a Ski-doo fast enough to climb a chute without getting into $35,000.00 range.

UsuriousMist says:

Why music on 0:30?

James Garvey says:

That Freeride. Oh I need thee!

IPBoondocker says:

Hey Cat lover, Your not on the ditch banger video!

Sledkid19 says:

Why change something that is already good?

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