2017 Good Wood Snowboard Test Results Online Now

Our extensive team of testers—some staff, some ex-pro, some amateur, all rippers—spent last season pitting the newest products in the game against one another to determine which would perform best for Winter 2017. Park decks and all-mountain boards were beat up (some even broken), powder sticks surfed through infinite clouds of cold smoke, and splitboards toured until the legs guiding them called it quits. Gloves were shredded, boots packed out, goggles scratched, helmets scuffed, and outerwear torn—all in the name of providing you with a better idea of what you’re looking for when walking into (or logging onto) your favorite snowboard retailer.

In addition to our 18th annual Good Wood board test, which awarded 44 boards with the year’s top honors, we’re proud to showcase our Tested + Approved section in which over 500 products were tested but only a small fraction made the final cut. We’ve also included our Brand Showroom, where top brands highlight some of their favorite gear for the year.

See the entire gear guide online here: http://snowboarding.transworld.net/gear-guide-2017/

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Suplk says:

how are the test financed?

Kurt Inge Hjelle says:

Just bought a second hand Forum Destroyer + republic of forum after many years of the board. Got to start somewhere.. kinda hungry for a K2 cool bean as a secondary.

Antoine Grant says:

One question remains in my head…. when was this filmed? Last season i guess but that means that 2017 boards were tested in beginning 2016?

Bruno Bananni says:

where I can see the results on all boards? How many boards was tested? maybe some results about most better for ollie or for buttering.

suedeslounge says:

I’d like to see the results for all the boards! A giant spread sheet or pdf that has all the results in it would be awesome. Even better would be a searchable website.

Jonatube says:

If a board was a good wood winner in 2015-16 but it didn’t win this year, would it still be advisable to get it?

michael oliveira says:

good idea!

Danial Pham says:

Living the dream I see.

Melker B says:

Where can i buy that TWSnow T-Shirt?

mougabo says:

i always take into consideration your tests
by the way next year im going with my family to snowmass!! first time im gonna be snowboarding in the US!!!

M.Owsky says:

There’s always a biais in every type of experiment. Some factors cannot be controlled and you need ALOT of data e.g. n= >1000 (depends on the statistic test) to make it valid. The best we can do is to try to reduce it to make it the non-significant to the conclusion. Just a specification. As always thanks for all those comprehensive reviews! Its the best reviews we have in snowboarding!

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