5 Advanced Snowboard Carves On The Never Summer Proto Type 2

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Never Summer Proto Type 2 Review: http://boardarchive.com/never-summer-proto-type-2-snowboard-review/

It’s closing week for Keystone Resort in Colorado but there is still plenty of goods to be had. In this video conditions are ripe for carving and I share 5 more advanced carves for you to try as part of the test for the Never Summer Proto Type 2 snowboard. Once you are comfortable carving without scrubbing at high speeds, you’re ready to try these carves. I will talk you through and demonstrate the standard eurocarve, heel carve with grab, eurocarve with 2 grab variations, and the revert carve. All of these carves are a lot of fun and are a great way to challenge yourself as you cruise around the mountain. Remember to always check uphill before turning sharply so that you don’t cut in front of anyone.Please leave your questions and comments below, and make sure to visit http://boardarchive.com for the full review of the Never Summer Proto Type 2 Snowboard.

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Jeremy Hall says:

Nice rail work TJ

Alec Grace says:

Teej ur riding is so effortless, watching you in videos is almost therapudic lol

lewie receveur says:

where can you get that awesome sweater?

Descendant says:

How does TJ get his hands on so many boards?

blvckFvde says:

Can anyone link me the hoodie?

Alvaro G says:

great video

Dmitriy Germann says:

Good, inspiring video, TJ! But let me ask you a quiestion – what is your bindings setup angle?

Thank you 🙂

Dave McGoldrick says:

Not that it’s a big deal, but front hand between the legs grabbing heelside is stelmasky.

Max Maher says:

What I’ve been waiting for!!!!

trabant66666 says:

One question – when are you going to upload more videos of TJ? This guy is sick! Love his style. PS. What’s the hoodie he is wearing?

Katherine Lee says:

for me it’s really easy to do toe side carves and get really low but on my heel slide i tend to wobble a bit, i don’t know why. the only thing i can think of is where my highbacks are set at.

Peter John Porrata says:

Are you using on the Never Summer Proto Type 2 Board the Union Contact Pro bindings…

Ryan Lindgren says:

Tj is my fav person on this channel

Matt Smith says:

Scott M where you at bro I need life lessons

Danial Pham says:


Wok says:

Well I guess by this measure I’m an advanced carver but I follow the master next level Ryan knapton. Like the video Made me feel a lot better about my carves

Mario Paniagua says:

Awesome!!! Can’t wait next season to try it hard!!!! Congratulations from Spain.

ppqrstuv Odell says:

call that a euro carve, its meant to be two hands on the ground

Antoine Grant says:

Amazing video! Season is over and those awesome slush carves make me miss my board already

Magnifire says:

I can’t look at the screen Tj’s hoodie strings are always pulled out too far or not enough

Antonio G* says:

Tj is tha man!

roy castelnuovo says:

Mavic shots!!!

M.Owsky says:

This board is perfect… It’s my go to board to do it all!

Daniel Z says:

Check out Ryan Knapton, he is a real master on this type of carving

The Counselor says:

Where did you get that hoodie?

LukeyBoy21 says:

lol the second one he did i do sometimes by accident XD

Potato Growfast says:

Is the NS West as good as this board in the park?

Cesar Coca says:

The other day I saw a documentary in 4 parts that showed how this table was made. Is very good

Robert Borunda says:

Oh good ol keystone the only thing there is long boring groomers

James Davis says:

T.J., I’ve got a question, basically regarding the handling of asymmetric true twin boards. I’ve heard from somebody else that if you set your stance back much on a board like this, that it starts to get a little funky & the more you do, the weirder it gets. They say it’s best to ride a board like this ideally perfectly centered & symmetrically duck stanced also. The person who said this is actually more of an all-mountain, true twin
to directional twin type board preferenced rider who likes a little bit
of setback, so it’s obviously not biased coming from them. I personally tend to ride anywhere from perfectly centered to about a cm back or so depending on what type of riding I’m doing, the conditions/terrain, the board, so on & so forth, but from your experience, have you rode an asymmetric true twin with your stance set back much, & if so, what is your experience/recollection/opinion on how it handles then?

Cesar Coca says:

Hi TJ, I have a question for you. I have a burton ripcord 2016, blue and orange, I live in argentina, in one month here is the season of winter. I never used my board because is new. This my board good for carving and ride in switch?

SoapDec TV says:

Hey Kevin this might sound dumb but how to you ride like you do in this video (45seconds),
I’ve tried and I just don’t understand the mechanics of it, it looks so smooth

Dakota Patel says:

These are not advanced

Niners4Lyphe says:

Hi TJ.
What went wrong at 06:15 ?

Aidan Schur says:


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