5 Tips for Snowboarding in Powder

In this video I’ve got 5 tips for snowboarding in powder. I think that powder riding is by far the my favorite thing to do on the mountain. If you’ve never been snowboarding in powder, I think these tips will give you something to work on and if you have ridden powder before these tips will help improve your current snowboard skills.

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antsolja says:

instead of leaing back and killing your legs just set your bindings back a notch and boom same effect without the burning legs

Enso says:

Fresh Snow Powder is 92-95 trapped air. You guys are floating on clouds

Shiba Inus says:

Make a how to not look dumb with a helmet

bigbillwaltonsacidheads says:

jus had my first taste of spring powder day, there was not anybody on the green I was riding ,. very hard to get speed , some areas were barely covered while others had at least of soft powder. took 4 runs and it was very difficult

Marco Antonio Delgado Manriquez says:

Where you live?
Can you practis every days?
How munch? play in these place
Where are you?

I want to learn youre language and
Obviously join you
I sight oh! I’m dreaming
Because am from méxico

Mark Hicks says:

Riding powder is so much fun. I couldn’t even finish a run due to the burn in my leg at first. It’s one if my favorite things to do too.

ou812redpillOD says:

cant get past #1, Soo wrong skid’der board kids. STAY IN THE PARK KIDS!!!
Try getting a real board…

Leon Kishchenko says:

2:07 Best looking natural jump on the left side !!!!

Schinankeldankel says:

Great Vid’s man, absolutely helpful also for advanced riders 🙂 2 thumbs up!

lacrosse4higher says:

here on the east coast ice is nothing but an urban legend, although some folks say that if you follow the north star you can find the thing they call pow

Ailison Carvalho says:

Awesome. I already use all the tips you told unless keep the height in the tail foot, now i know why I was always going down when I was really fast. Thanks Guys.

Val Yanovsky says:

Whistler is the mvp

turtlehater2 says:


antsolja says:

instead of leaing back and killing your legs just set your bindings back a notch and boom same effect without the burning legs

Albert Calsina says:

How to butter in powder!!

Omar Muhyar says:

Tip number one: leave the twin board at home on deep days. Getting on a tapered directional board will blow your mind anytime there’s over a foot of freshies.

Raymond Szeto says:

Hey Kevin, what pants are those? Thanks for the tips!

The Triggerati says:

Where was this filmed? Looks amazing.

Thomasjochem97 says:

People always told me that I need to keep my weight at my front foot at anytime while snowboarding, so I can make my turns. But you said in this video that holding your weight at my back foot is more recommended. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks! And sorry for my english :’). 

rap padrigon says:

what type of board were you using in this video?

Abe R says:

+Pascual unwichtig yes but I can seem to get it without my board sliding off below me

Andy Mac says:

what mountain is this?

Matt Tench says:

Kevin – can you explain a bit more on step 2 – spraying snow? Is this just a question of turning or is there more to it?

Sunwakka says:

Is it normal for my back boot to get way looser than the front boot? And how loose is normal for a boot to flex and stretch?

space 201 says:

I have a problem about carving on my toe side I ride regular but I carve heel side then the way I turn toe side is I switch and make it my heel side if you have any tips could you reply i watched your carving videos and I have not had a chance to try out those tips so you may have already solved my problem but if you could reply that would be great I also have another question and I was wondering where you snow board at

thaing says:

If you’re just learning how to ride powder, the video is proper for a true twin centered stance setup in snow that’s knee high or less. If you can ride switch in powder, you won’t have to worry about burning your back leg at all, just hit a jump, hip, or drop and do a switch 180 every now and then to keep the back leg fresh. However, if the snow is higher than your knees, it’s going to be harder to keep the tip up by buttering/leaning back and finding a solid platform to do an aerial 180 from so I recommend going to a directional powder board or powder specific setup to avoid issues of sinking and not having enough speed because you’re going to be more focused on charging down the mountain with enough speed than leaning back when snow is above your waist but don’t go switch while riding powder on powder specific setups or it will send you tomahawking with a few snow induced flips =) Whatever you do, do your best to avoid falling or letting the board sink to the bottom. Definitely avoid bulldozing/plowing a 2 to 3 feet deep trench line. I personally use a true twin centered stance in powder but I stay on the steep slopes where keeping the tip up is not a problem and ride switch a lot. The ability to switch and ride off in either direction is nice when coming off a jump or drop with a limited or occupied landing zone.

Kamui9ebalyoutubable says:


The Gaming Brilliant says:

+SnowboardProCamp I am sorry that this question not about snowboarding skills,
But where did you record that video? the place is beautiful 😀 I would like to visit it :3

Ailison Carvalho says:

What’s the simbol in the back off your jacket? If I see you in the tracks I would press the simbol to see if you turn off. Hahahaha Every video I wonder what’s it.

Pascal unwichtig says:

I’m going to snowboard the next few days’ i’m so hyped.
Still hoping for new pouder 🙂

doge shibe says:

Where are you skiing?

Ray Eccleston says:

where did you get the footage for the video? 

Gunthersavy says:

Dude thanks I’m heading to go snowboarding right now and it looks like it’s going to be a powder day

Jasmine seymour says:

You are by far an amazing boarding teacher, and ya I usually board on ice so these tips are helpful for if I ever go around powdery hills

marthaf says:

My biggest tip would be, if you have to stop then don’t sit down! It’s so hard to get up again as you just sink

Sverre V Jonsson says:

i am wondering if i shold change from ski to snowboard. is it wurth it?

Dapper And Diskord says:

you should make a trip to ak that where i live and i hardly ever get off my snowboard 
and alyeska resort is a phenomenal place to ride just sharing some info

Kuisma Lappalainen says:

Thanks for sharing these tips! I recently published here a 3 minutes document on the challenge that powder recently put on me on a route that I was earlier in harder conditions very familiar with. There’s also another video where I take that same run a bit over a year ago (titled World Snowboard Day 9 run 2) so that I gain adequate speed because the surface is hard enough. This recent powder situation that I documented was also such that a lot of snow got stuck at the bottom of the board. Hopefully taking some of this information into account next time when there are powder conditions will help to get forward.

iKoMuR says:


Remember to Log out says:

This helped me at Brianhead Utah!

village says:

hey Kevin would you mind telling me what kind of airblaster jacket it that?

Mr_WeEeDyX says:

I really enjoy your vids. You could make a video about different grabs or about your gear at the moment. Keep it boarding

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