A Buyers Guide to Snowboard Types

Travis Rice Pro: http://bit.ly/2hoIcNN
Ride War Pig: http://bit.ly/2hpit84
Nobaday Reverence: http://amzn.to/2xugcS7

Salomon Huck Knife: http://bit.ly/2hoE3cO
Lib Tech Skate Banana: http://bit.ly/2fGoDR5
Burton Process: http://bit.ly/2fFmrJt

Yes 420: http://bit.ly/2hp1oe7
Capita Black Snowboard of Death: http://bit.ly/2xlenaT
Jones Flagship: http://bit.ly/2xlf8Rb
Jones Lone Wolf: http://bit.ly/2hkHy7F

In this video we’re going to go through all the different snowboard types and give you some tips from our experience of riding different snowboards over the years. Finding the right type of snowboard will help take your riding in the direction you want. The first type of snowboard is all mountain. All mountain snowboards are typically directional, stiffer and made to maximize your riding all over the mountain. Three snowboards that we are stoked on riding more are the Nobaday Reverence, Ride War Pig and Travis Rice Pro. The next type of snowboard is the park board. Park boards are typically have a twin shape, have a variety of camber and rocker profiles and designed to maximize your ability to learn tricks. The three park and park hybrid snowboards we’re stoked on are the Salomon Huck Knife, Lib Tech Skate Banana and the Burton Process. The final type of snowboard is the powder board. Powder boards are specifically designed to keep you floating about the powder. They often have a larger surface area, are direction and have more creative shapes. The three powder snowboards we like are the YES 420, Capita Black Snowboard of Death and the Jones Flagship. Let us know what snowboards you are stoked on for this season in the comments. Thanks for watching!


N1injaRhino says:

Whats the opinion on an arbor element, have a chance to buy one cheap 2017 model

david chamay says:

Hey guys! im 6 feet tall at like 250lbs and i love to ride. Looking for something that is good at the park to hit a few jumps and boxes and stay within the blues just taking it easy. any board you recommend?

Devildipper Gaming says:

I’ve been looking at the k2 bottle rocket, any opinions on that board?

Martin Nguyen says:

Can you do a review on the YES Typo

gpepper says:

you’re like the LinusTechTips of snowboarding

wambas world says:

Loving all the videos man very helpful

Justin S. says:

Capita – outer space living. Best board ive been on. Im beginner-intermediate level rider and breaking into the park now. Its all mountain, twin, camber/reverse camber design really keeps you comfortable wherever you ride.

GuardianO Face says:

Is it just me or are they super quite?

Emil Herda says:

i have all mountain board, but it’s true twin by santa cruz, it’s soft and that makes it perfect to everything

Glass Wheel says:

Lago double barrel is an awesome twin

daniel huntzinger says:

Hey guys if I’m underweight but tall should I get a shorter board than the size chart says? Great videos by the way. Keep up the great work.

Guardian Spirit says:

What about 3D boards? leftout

Ziox says:

What about split boards are those worth it?

GDI Bass says:

I’ve got size 12 feet. A buddy of mine mentioned some boots I could get that would allow me to ride narrow boards. Are you guys familiar with those boots?

HectorR906 says:

Thank you for these buying guides look forward to seeing some for bindings and boot 🙂

Designo says:

Wait I’m 14, I have a round board… is it a women’s board?

Claudio Nunez says:

Hey guys great videos. I was wondering if you know something about moss snowboards, they seam to be great for almost everything. All made in Japan. Love to see a review of it. Cheers

Elijah Mailman says:

Find someone that looks at you the way Chris looks at Kevin

Pavlo Yevhenovych says:

great video, as always, thanks!
please give advice: I’m 6.5 feet tall 220 pounds weight. I’m riding backcountry if there are a good powder and curving on tracks if not. currently I have K2 RayGun 164 wide. and I it doesn’t hold me well in good powder, the same with carving: it feels bulky and doesn’t hold edge. which snowboard should I take for this season? I’m confused about the size and model. there a not so big choice of 167+ size boards… do I need 169? please give me some advice.

Dan Hernandez says:

I thanks I almost bought an all powdered board.

mark bantawig says:

I bought the huck knife becouse its kevins board.. 🙂 excited to use it this season.. Cheers from NY guysss…

ZanyDreams says:

If you guys haven’t yet check out the interior plain project super awesome Midwest company. The Odessa is my favorite model check it out.

Thomas Witheridge says:

Can the all mountain go good In the park

The Lemon Square says:

Hey Kevin, I would say i’m an advance rider, I can do jumps and tricks and i go on powder or back country. I love park and other terrains, but i want to know what board i should get because i’ve been riding camber rentals my whole life. I would like to know if the Burton Process flying v is a good choice for an advanced rider who loves park and powder and back country. I just want to know if this is a good board for what i do or if there are better boards for what i like, thank you.

DarkZone Attractions says:

Well I’m a guy but I’m small I’m like 115lb

Sofia Lulu says:

Ima girl and I got a GNU 2016 board the b-nice series and it rides great really cuts in turns and fun at the terrain park

Harry Creech says:

Where’d you get that sticker from on your park board?

Another says:

I’m very interested in the Salomon Huck Knife, but I’m a girl. If I got it in the same size I get my “girl” boards in, would it work the same? I assume it would, but I just want to make sure since it’s a big purchase. Thanks!

Guardian Spirit says:

Like TBT/3BT boards

Martin Bailly says:

Careful guys, the Jones Flagship is not a dedicated powder board but a freeride big mountain killer board ! Cheers !

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