A Snowboarding Movie – The Powder Bomb Forest


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Today we’re snowboarding in Whistler on one of the snowiest days of the year! I’m riding with my friend John who I’ve been snowboarding with for more than ten years. The mountain lifts are super busy today, so we’re searching for untouched powder in hidden trees and alpine bowls. The trees are especially good for snowboarding today because they shelter the wind and each time your ride through there is more snow! The trees have been filled with snow, which will drop bombs of powder down as your snowboard by. I hope you guys get to ride some powder filled forests this snowboarding season! Thanks for watching!

MUSIC: https://soundcloud.com/kabbalisticvillage/snowy-forest-film-piece-3-work


Daniel Chesley says:

How is his vision in those smiths? I have similar goggles, but haven’t gotten to use them in heavy snow? I know you normally want a lighter lens, but what is it like with reflective/chrome?

Jack Gardel says:

That looks insanely fun. I’m jealous.

Liam McGuinness says:

this is so sick. what mountain and where!

Daniel Hebert says:

Dem woodz lookin nice n fluffy

Jordan Heppell says:

But what chair are you on doh? I wanna know where these cool cool pow runs are my dude, MAHALO! SKRT!

Baby Dab says:

I wish I got that nice of snow!, where I’m from it’s all ice and fake snow.

djdramatical says:

oh i almost forgot beaver creek. gotta love the beav. i know the most sick pow runs there that no one ever hits up. ridiculous!

Dominik O'Callaghan says:

What do you film on ? The audio quality and image are insane !

Garthgoyle says:

I enjoyed the video a lot. Thanks, Kevin and friend.

Cormac McCarthy says:

selfie sticks bummer

Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this says:

So, he has avalanche gear to save you, but you don’t.

Frank M says:

This is my favorite video so far man keep it up

master muffin123 says:

i love these videos!!!

giulia botti says:

how much do you spend when you go skiing?

TheRomanianHitman00 says:

so sick

Armin says:

How are your camera lenses staying clean?

nic mulligan says:


Blogan says:

This makes me hyped for when I go to BrianHead

ydh unknwn says:

loved the music and vid

Fallen Mobz says:

Id kill to snowboard in those conditions

Jimmy Holda says:

What camera do you use

Left Lane Hoosemen says:

Silver Mountain?

Unstoppable T.V says:

Happy birthday

Brayden Carder says:

You’re living my dream man, love the videos! Keep em coming! Hoping to be out in Whistler in the next couple years!

speedyantoo says:

I’m having more fun than you 😀 best board!

Zuma says:

“Danger undetonated explosives” Wouldn’t a place especially one with decent traffic close down bc of this?

Lee Taylor says:

I love this video 🙂
I am hoping for conditions like this on my next trip to the Alpes. so excited!!! I will be like Zebedee in a small rubber room over the next few weeks counting the days.

Raymond Villafuerte` says:

Hey man this is awesome, just one quick question, what type of board do you guys use?

ydh unknwn says:

So jealous ugghhhh

djdramatical says:

hmm. i watched a few of your videos now. ok i suppose. ive been riding since 1996 so prob before you guys were born. where’s the pillow lines and cliff dropslike the photo suggests?looks like all the tree runs u do are blues at best. i ride black gladed runs. waste of a good pow day if u ask me but im a critical ass ol school shred snob rider. shout out to all the resorts that kept me fit and made me a g. brek, vail, copper, loveland, wolf creek, winter park, crested butte, keystone, eldora, burthod pass (when they had chair lifts) and cold brews at abasin in jul. ya i earned my shredsnob staus. step it up yall! take advantage. 8 to 10 ft cliff drops. u can do it! oh and find some gnar log rails to ride in them there woods.

spiritz says:

I could have so much more time on the board if I had a car:(

Thomas Pickering says:

Could you use the low light glasses on a sunny day?

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