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**This snowboard review is true for both 2016 and 2017 models. The Arbor Element snowboard has not changed at all for 2017 other than the graphics**

In this snowboard review we are testing out the Arbor Element snowboard at Breckenridge Resort in Colorado. We had some great spring conditions for testing providing us with firm snow, and some fun groomers. The GripTech sidecut is a critical addition to the Arbor Element and allowed it to carve really well; it is able to withstand a lot of weight with aggressive carving before starting to slip at all. It is also great for pressing and doing butters, overall it rides like a solid but playful all mountain snowboard. This board is a great choice for beginner level riders and up. The highlight on this snowboard for me is how easy pressing is, but still being able to hold a strong edge when carving. If you have any questions about the Arbor Element snowboard or any requests leave them in the comments below or reach out to us on social media, and make sure to visit for the full review of the Arbor Element!



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Tobias Vater says:

would you recommend this board as a first board for someone who has been snowboarding for four years and now wants one rather playful board to “do it all”?

Camryn Brittain says:

how much would a board like this coast?

Gregory Molitor says:

Break is not open

TheJoosd says:

damn, that first trick was pretty sick

C815richard says:

I am considering that Board for my next Board so this review was perfect!

thanks !!!

AJ Russotto says:

What’s a good way to practice switch during the off-season

Bazsa says:

hey SnowboardProCamp! i Love your videos, its realy helpfull. In this season i want to get a new board, i found the Ride Berzerker! Can you do a quick review on that (16/17) I want to use mostly for carving and freeride, but want to learn jumps and some tricks

S bam says:

Burton “Nug” Flying V Review pleas!!

Jordan Edmunds says:

u are my favorite youtuber

Daniel Jensen says:

why do u tide goofy

Thomas Kovacik says:

How tall are you? and what size of board are you riding in this?

Kol Thorsted says:

When ever I hit large jumps I get scared while I am in the air. Any tips? And what is the fastest way to move up to the bigger jumps

Antoine Grant says:

Nice board! Oh and that butter at 0:43 😮

MaxedOut says:

Love these vids

pinkpenguin says:

It was nice to meet you yesterday! You are such a chilled person. I hope i don’t annoyed you at breakfast! 😉

tazmaniahnsplay says:

First time commenting on youtube, just to let the snowboarder know that I find his style so clean & good, lit me up for the seaon haha 😀 !

wilson lam says:

Hows the Element compare to the Foundation and the Formula?

Taryn Butler says:

I am decent rider…ride blues and blacks. Most of my turns are still where I’m aligned with my board, vs dynamic turns where your legs move under you. I find that I can do those much better on a couple inches of fresh snow, but struggle more with harder snow. How can I improve in that area?

Justin Shaw says:

I have a 10.5 u.s size boot should I get the mid wide?

Zachary Nielson says:

I love the reviews on this account they are honest and tell you exactly what you’re going to get out of the product love it!

Cameron Allan says:

Deciding between this and the Lib Tech Skate Banana. What do you think?

Dragonface ! says:

can you do a video obout the ride manic please

The Predator says:

I keep on falling when I try to go on my heels please help me find the answer to my problem

Blaž Parežnik says:


Robert Oda says:

Dude,you’re killing it!As they say in surfing,”he could rip on a door!”Nice vid.

L Smith says:

Review Gnu Zoid

LKluke #1 CSGO Montage Channel says:

666 views lol

Adrian Cardenas says:

will you ever do a giveaway of the snowboard stuff you dont use?

Erick Tang says:

You forgot to mention the bonus “Jerry Dodgin” feature

alex Villa says:

Where do you get the skull candy stickers?

John Dexter says:


Archie Fulton-Grigg says:

If its sunny what colour lens should i use? And if it is cloudy what lens???

Richard Lecompte says:

who knows where mt shasta CA is at if so tell me ill snowboard with ya

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