Backcountry Powder Lines – Mates in Alaska – Ep 1

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Check out the first episode of “Mates in Alaska” as Jake Koia explores Alaska’s epic freeride spots. New Zealand’s backcountry megastar Jake Koia is joined by RMB (Roland Morely-Brown) on a jounrey to Haines, Alaska in search of perfect backcountry conditions to ride.

Using helis aplenty, the two charge down epic lines and manage to avoid any serious harm after setting off a sizable avalanche.

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fanathym says:

also music plz..!

EminemFilms says:

jealous as fuckkk

nexgenjdm says:

No Way Out (Es geht nicht mehr;main track;full lenght) Christian FJ buttner & Gunn & Marcello Pagin

cat intensifies says:

cool video but more pov fottage

jamiliu1 says:


samthewhitewise says:

I always Wonder if i would be able to ride these kind of lines…
probably not :-{

William Richards says:

check out my channel

Arhitektormen says:


Besiege Bazz says:

u are so retarded

Malfait Jasper says:

What’s the music ?

iGotFruits says:

Guys! I found the song, it IS by Christian FJ Büttner! Here you go:

iGotFruits says:

But this can not be it, Buettner is a german “Schlager” singer.. He is pretty bad too.

kaeln christensson says:

Rocks like Oreos and snow like milk

Danio says:

1:27 dodo from san andreas lol

guillaumeDDB says:

0 dislikes respect

Tobias Komann says:

why u no use gopro?

Rohan Pritchard says:

On Shazam it said it was called:

No Way Out (Es Geht Nicht Machr;main Track;full Length) – Christian FJ Büttner.

That’s word for word what it said but I can’t find it on iTunes/Spotify/YouTube so I have no idea if it actually is!

DJA SalLgooD says:

I lived in Haines for two years and even met Ben lynch and Chris coulter. It’s super nostalgic to see this town. I’m 15 now and still snowboarding strong. Haha. I hope to go back to Haines someday. It is truly the most beautiful and unique place ever

Jess LIU says:

That’s sick

Mr. freak says:


fanathym says:

This was incredibly good. Haven’t seen anything close to this in a while. Really good camera views etc. MOAR PLZ!

kicker2351 says:

Hey everyone I make skiing edits and I’d appreciate it if you could check out my channel, thx

Lucas Hash says:

Nipples Deep. New favorite phrase.

Fraser McDougall says:

Epic, frothin!

GrandpaJoe says:

Can I get a hoi yah!!

refoHnitraM says:


doubledtown says:

the last line is massive … jeahr

Wild Tribe says:

So groovy!!! My heart was racing the whole time.

TheWhiteBeards says:

Backcountry is such a beautiful sport ! Awesome video btw Great shots and editing

Philip Fletcher says:


EdibleCakez says:

he can’t fail, he’s a chinchilla

nazareno rodrigues says:

very good sensational…

I Near I says:

lol the whole mountain looks like milk and oreo”s

PrestigeWorldWidePWW says:

They’re definitely from new zealand

iGotFruits says:

You do not have to put ‘w w w’ in front of it! just copy it in (:

MasterInsomniac1 says:

Those are some ballsy New Zealanders

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