Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard Review

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Starkhünd says:

Great video ! 2019 Bataleon Funkink next !

Joseph Auler says:

how would you compare this to the evil twin>

Thomas Grcevic says:

Hey man looks like I found your channel relatively early, nice riding and solid editing skills Def earned a sub! I was thinking about getting a Lobster park board, I’d say I have good board control/carving and my experience in the park is basic 50/50 and boardslides on skinny boxes with the ability to throw 180s and 360s off a kicker inconsistently. Normally I only get 5 to 10 days a year on snow this year I’m gonna shoot for 30+. In your opinion is the park board good for dialing in jibs/butter/jumps/Ollie height or maybe something a little softer?

Denislav Rusulov says:

Can you help me decide between two boards? I’m looking at the bataleon boss and capita ultra fear and seem to be a little stuck. What’s your opinion on either deck?

Jay Nguyen says:

the huck knife seems like it suits you more.. can you do some never summer boards ?

arrrfow says:

great vids, nice music too. keep on posting

arrrfow says:

A snowboarder at your level of riding plus the very good and informative reviews should definitely post some more vids

Jonathan Kosyjana says:

I got a aerobic on eBay for 220 bucks never been used. home comparable is it to the global warmer?

ecobuddha says:

Any chance for a video review on the Ride Warpig mate?

Rob Gams says:

I’m just now subscribing to your channel, but I like your riding style and video style. Please keep more coming!

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