Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard Review

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In this video I am testing out the 2018 Burton Deep Thinker snowboard. This was the first powder day of my season, and I couldn’t have asked for better conditions for this review. The deep thinker is a great snowboard for powder as well as carving, and was performing really well in the snow and trees we were riding. In this snowboard you’ll find a setback stance and slight taper, as well as all of Burtons high end tech. This combination makes a board that is really versatile and very powder friendly. Let us know any questions you have in the comments below, thanks for watching!


Benflips _5 says:


Gus /! says:

At the end of the day tj finally transformed in a ice cube

Sam Read says:

Anyone have issues with est bindings coming loose? I’ve got a new burton Process with Mission Bindings. Used it 7 times (few hours at a time) and the screws come loose after 30 mins or so. Doesn’t matter how tight I screw them or if I make sure the board and bindings are dry before setting it up. I’ve seen on forums this is a problem others are experiencing. I’m unsure about using thread-locker as it might void the warranty. Will take it back after Xmas to the shop to get the staffs recommendation. I’m going away for a week by myself so need to get this sorted? Any advice?

Patrick W. says:

TJ just fking sends it everytime 😀

JaMeS bAd says:


Thalia Macrae says:

4:18 and 4:24 are the sickesttt shots I’ve ever seen

John Sullivan says:

hey! can you guys do some reviews on some beginner to intermediate boards?

Kdlax 17 says:

First my thing said no views so beat u to it

Alexandre Nadon says:

size you were ridding vs you weight ?

ZN7 Football says:

Nice video!! U r lucky that u r getting this snow! where im at i am getting barely any snow

Bendegúz Szabó says:

Cool = 3:21 (agree with like)

Michael Perez-Gelinas says:

What mask is her wearing

Its Kyushka says:

Hey bro I’m looking for a board that can do it all and won’t break the bank, I want to use it for park, trails, and the mountains I’m 5,11 in height 140lbs in weight and 11ft us Men’s in shoe size and suggestions

Brandon Spencer says:

Can you do a review of the Rome Garage Rocker or the K2 World Wide Weapon?

Crew Nguyen says:

TJ please do an endeavor vice review



Ryan Noone says:

What music is this?

Eddie Guy says:


The Pits says:

Hey TJ. Have you ever tried the Flying V version of the process? or are you planning to? I’d really like to know your review on it. Since its my first board and I dont know anybody who tried it. Its hard for me to compare it to anything else. Love your stuff guys, its helping me improve really quick.

Jett Mosher says:

Today was my first day. It had at least 3 feet of powder up in Montana. It was amazing.

Peter Saunders says:

Hey TJ. What would the the ride difference between the Arbor Westmark Rocker to Camber. Ive only really ridden a camber board.

jason clark says:

can you review the burton step on bindings

Perpetual Student says:

Loving these reviews. Keep them coming.

Vancey Pants says:

Would you all recommend the gun carbon credit 2018?

The best 266 Jimmy says:

Review on the jones hovercraft

Olivier Lopez says:

Nice review! What would be the difference between this board and the flight attendant?

justzanin says:

How does the Deep Thinker compare to the Burton Brushie reissue from last year???

Too Tan Travelin' Tony says:

Awesome review thanks TJ for the Deep Thinker review. This is my new board to buy on my list. Good job sending it! Was there anything you didn’t like about this board??

Nicolas Gordin says:

@snowboardprocamp thanks for all the tips. They have really helped me progress

Esko Carl says:

Lost in narnia

SidiNic says:

Man i never had a day like that in the 10 years that i board. Can’t imagine the fun of getting powder all day, awesome! 35 days to go till i hit the Alps

Anes ! says:


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