Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard Review


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Instrumental produced by Chuki: http://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic

In this video I am doing some fun hikes on Blackcomb mountain with Kevin, finding some nice powder stashes to try out the Burton Flight Attendant. The Flight Attendant is an All-Mountain/Freeride leaning snowboard that is still a lot of fun for the rider who enjoys throwing some freestyle into their riding style. It is going to provide above average powder performance and an array of high end tech from Burton to stand up to any scenario. This snowboard features a shifted camber profile, slight taper, sintered base, squeezebox, and infinite ride technologies. If you are looking for something that’s going to offer you float and provide a twinnish feel on hardpack groomer days, check out the Burton Flight Attendant. Leave any questions in the comments below, thanks for watching!


Oto Higuchi says:

Can u review Nitro boards? (Beast, Team, Team exposure)

Raymond Bervoets says:

Do a review about the Ride Bezerker

calvinandhobbesdk says:

Hi TJ/Kevin. I have bought Jones Mountain Twin on ur recommendation and love it so far! Really nice and aggressive compared to the rental boards I’ve been riding my entire “career” so far 😀

I am riding with Ipo now bindings.
I want to get a softer board for park, what can u recommend for beginner? Also can I bring these bindings to a park board, or should I get some others?

Love the channel! Keep up the vids. Cheers from Denmark

Theodor Raczka says:

Hey guys, i’m looking for my first snowboard, my favorites are the arbor foundation and the rome mechanic, but i can’t decide. What would you guys recommend?

Connor S. says:

Please review the Ride Timeless

Yannick EVO says:

Those powder runs look so fun! Great review

jordan sacks says:

Review the Never Summer Ripsaw 2018 please, I want to hear your guys takes on the board, the pros, cons, what its good for, who should buy it etc. Thanks

Cj Slater says:

Hi nice

Tuxman25 says:

Hello TJ, thank you for this awesome snowboard review. I like how you not only talk about the specs of the board in some living room far off the snow (like many others do in their review), but you actually ride this thing and tell us what you notice. Much more meaningful and helpful for anyone looking for a new board. This is well invested time both for you and for the “consumer”. Thumbs up, man.

Kidneyfeef says:

The description of this board seems awfully close to my 2018 Capita Kazu Pro

Buddhakay says:

I just found y’all’s channel and I love it!! I’m starting to get into snowboarding and watching your YouTube videos gets me more hype to try it out idk any spots so if anybody knows what are some good spots to hit up for somebody on a budget?

Ray Puryear says:

Would like to see a you check out the never summer chairman

mougabo says:

this vs the Gnu Mullair?

Noah Demer says:

I’m thinking of adding a burton powder board to my collection (I have EST Malavitas). Which would you prefer between the Deep Thinker, Flight Attendant, or Dumptruck Burton boards? Any other channel compatible powder boards are in question too. I would still like to somewhat carve on this powder board. I Currently own a Process Flying V and a mint 2007 Vapor.

jordan sacks says:

Review the Never Summer Ripsaw 2018 please, I want to hear your guys takes on the board, the pros, cons, what its good for, who should buy it etc. Thanks

Connor doherty says:

Just got this board, was stinging for you guys to review it! Thanks TJ yah legend!

Christopher Wong says:

Which trail is this?

ButterSnow says:

Feels like a twin ride on a groomer but floats better in powder – sounds almost too good to be true for a directional board.. does it really come so close to a true twin when riding it switch? Like 90%?

Panzer Fluffy says:

Come here to Sweden we got some nice mountains

Paul Davies says:

Great vid TJ have you managed to ride the skeleton key twin? have just ordered one myself. Cheers.

Alex S says:

This is the first snowboard I’ve ever bought – just got it this season and I love it! Snow’s been pretty bad where I live so I haven’t had a chance to try it in powder, but it rides just fine on even icy runs. Totally glad I bought it! Mala Vita for the bindings too so it’s smooth af.

Johnny Smith says:

That’s the board I ride over here in NW Montana…. great board

jib_jeep79 says:

What boots and bindings did you pair it with? I’m on the Cartel EST bindings and Rampant boots which are both working really well on my Flight Attendant.

boardin20four7 says:

See if you can ride the burton skeleton key next dump day, amazing pow surf style board.

Marcos Perez says:

Is this board good in trees

Fantasticus says:

Just broke my leg a few days ago while doing ramps. Can’t snowboard for 90 days… I’m sad :/


Funny, Am A Flight Attendant , And was thinking Of getting a New Board, Thank You, May Be That Signal

Peter Saunders says:

Hey TJ

Mate looking for some advise on a new board for everyday riding. Currently ride Salomon Assassin 160w love it but now im 46 and wanting to take the more casual carving not pushing it so im looking at 4 boards they are:

Arbor Westmark Camber 157w

Ride Warpig XL

Ride Twinpig Large

Burton Process Flying V either 157w or 159w

Which board do you think will be more forgiving. Im personally leaning towards Warpig or Process.

Your advise will be much appreciated.

Thanks bud

Peter Saunders (Sydney Australia)

The Timbs says:

Hey Kevin, I just have a quick question to ask you. Is the snow at Whistler Blackcomb always great or is it just a hit or miss? My dad and I were planning to go there next year and we were wondering if we should go there or somewhere in colorado or Utah. And since you ride at Whistler so often i though that it was best to ask you. Thanks!

EliteSniper 55 says:

Do you buy your boards or rent them??

Ethan Alpert says:

come to Mammoth again!

marty maness says:

You know Burton makes the goods.

Relativity says:

Nice review. I took the 2018 FA to Niseko this year and it was awesome!

Chester B says:

Was looking at this board for all mountain riding and powder days but got tipped off about the Salomon Assassin. Anyone got insight into either board or some recommendations for all mountain boards that are good in powder and on groomers?

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