Burton VS Lib Tech Powder Snowboard Test


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Today I’m snowboarding with my friend TJ on Blackcomb mountain and we’re riding the Burton Fish and the Lib Tech Coho! We’re heading up the Glacier chair to find powder slashes, drops and chutes to test these two powder snowboards on! The first run we did a powder chute called Pacalolo and the powder snowboards were both very responsive! The Burton Fish and Lib Tech Coho both have a fat nose and short tail which keeps you floating on top of the powder! Next we hit up some powder drops which took some time to get used to with new the powder snowboard shape. Both Burton and Lib Tech snowboards force you to land the drop level on both feet, opposed to all mountain snowboards which you need to land more on your back foot. Finally we took these powder snowboards through some open powder fields for sharp turns and powder slashes. The short tail on the Fish and Coho kept the turns sharp and quick, making the snowboards feel fun and playful! If you have any questions about these snowboards you can leave them in the comments! Thanks for watching!

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Carter says:

Will someone explain to me why people don’t wear clear lenses on days like this?

Allen Morales says:

What googles is TJ using.

The Boone says:

Kevin you should start doing vlogs I know we would all watch them.

Like this if you would watch them so he can see!

JC Edwards says:

I just started snowboarding recantly and your life hacks and tips have been helping keep up the great work

Caden Williams says:

Small youtubers, where are you at? I want to check out some small channels and show some love, so drop a comment and I’ll check your content out! If it’s good I’ll leave some feedback and smash that subscribe button!

Lucien Lowe says:

Almost 200k nicee

Jason Crismore says:

Saw you shotput the camera on instagram….had to get over here and see the video. Really feel like I got to be there. Thanks guys!!!

Katherine Lee says:

CONGRATS ON 200K KEVIN! You definitely deserve it, now it’s just the road to 300K 🙂

MemeStealerBear says:

Anything special 300k is coming

Alex Tucker says:

The lib tech coho is my dream baord

Ilion Atroya says:

Try widening yur stance…

SkyOfStorms says:

Which one won?

Finn Kes says:

are these boards also good on normal slopes?

Legion says:

Is there a good ski channel similar to these guys?

I want to die says:

Congrats on 200 000 subs!

Dennis Krimer says:

Very cool but kind of felt like you were trying to sell the board to us and i didn’t like that at all

Chris Leonard says:

What angles did you have on the bindings for these boards? Great vid BTW

Travis Kopet says:

annoying song choice

Barry says:

Congratulations Kevin on 200k subscribers. Your tutorials have been a big help. Cheers.

Scott Grieve says:

i got lib 157 and tried the burton fish last year in waist deep pow in Japan and ye they float much more easy but nothing you cant do on a twin directional with a little more burn on the back leg ….been riding for 27 years why change now never the less looking forward to another season in Japan and im going to buy a new board but wont be a fish tail ye they float great but for a bit more effort you can have no restrictions .

Kahele Koki says:

Who Evers not holding the camera falls way less I cant film myself snowboarding I eat sh!t all day lol great video there’s nothing like a pow day

Austin Christensen says:

Burton custom

Blaze says:

Hey Kevin. I have problems with my heel turns. Everytime i make a heelturn my board is across the mountain at the end of the turn and i cant figure out what im am doing wrong.
I hope for your response.

Ethan Dipple says:

Kevin is looking like the better terrain rider to be honest, but I don’t know whose better at park yet, you guys should play some type of game like skate just to show off all your rad tricks

Brendan Meger says:

Congrats on 200k

Bev says:

CONGRATULATIONS Kevin on reaching 200,000 subscribers, and still climbing fast!!!

Erick Crawford says:

Grate on 200k! Love watching your channel grow!

Hestegutt med parykk says:

Do u know why everybody is riding with the left foot first??

Francis Bernier says:

What’s up Kev! Congrats on 200K! I love all your videos but mostly the vids on jumps! Hope to see more soon:) see ya

Gaming Worrier says:

Hi on the 8th of February I am going snowboarding and it will be my first time any tips for me

Fatime Imeri says:


Zachary Kobzar says:

I just started snowboarding and I’m having trouble with my toe to heel turn, i keep falling backwards. Do u have any tips?

Dee Ric says:

Would have loved to see you swap boards to compare them both yourselves.

Veronica Ng says:

Glorious Pow! Ahh I miss Whistler, wish I don’t have to go to work sometime XD

Pieter Plaststerk says:

Kevin make a Gopro gear video plsss

Morgan Westerholt says:

I just love this channel! 😀

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