Camber VS Rocker Snowboard Test

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In this video I test out the differences between traditional camber and rocker snowboards. The difference between camber and rocker snowboards is in the way that the snowboard is arched. The camber snowboard is arched so the center of the snowboard is raises off the snow, with the nose and tail touching. While a rocker snowboard is shaped more like a banana with the nose and tail arched away from the snow and the center of the snowboard touching. The five tests I put the snowboard through are basic turns, flat and narrow runs, carving, ollies and butters. It would be awesome to hear your feedback on the camber vs rocker snowboard test and what you think are the pros and cons between rocker and camber snowboards.




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Jorge Quiroga Álvarez says:

– For someone that is going to learn how to snowboarding, what do you think is better, camber or rocker or flat? And why? XD

– What do you think about this board??? -> ( its a nice deal or should I pass??? If you think its not a nice board, can you give me some examples of boards that can be nice not only for starting but when I have more experience in snowboarding??

Thank you so much in advance!!! Saludos desde España!

Spinner x7 says:

I have ridden both pretty extensively. Both styles have there place on mountain. For me, rocker is a more spinny, playful board, where camber is best for speed, control, and solid turn linking.

Bryan Reign says:

You should make. A vid for possible snowboard injurys And how to avoid them.

Resort Watersports says:

Isn’t S rocker the best of both worlds?

elytsdraoI3 says:

only hybrid boards the best!

hahagotcha!!!! says:

rocker all the fucking way!!!!!

Auggie Hueseman says:

i have a ride lil helix, will i be able to ride powder well with this board?

DreadStroke says:

I learned to ride on a rocker when I purchased the board I didn’t know there was a difference

Paul Hofman says:

Hybrid camber, Jones board. Love it. Rode Brtn Custom for many years, but will never go back. Hybrid camber is such a better compromise.

darksidecarnival says:

Sorry Kevin, I love ur videos but this one is misleading. I’ve found that rockers are often more forgiving hence the easier to learn on.


C2 BTX and I’m never going back.

SJW says:

this is a camber vs hybrid comparion.. not camber vs rocker

DJ JÆK says:

about carving i have the rome mod rocker 2017 and i carve the shit out of the trails al though i dont have a problem with my board bottoming out on me i do find myself having to kinda jump into my turns when it comes to making fast turns on mogul runs but because i have a pointed nose shape i cut through powder pretty well its just my board is a stiffer flex so keeping my weight on the back foot requires i bit more leg muscle

Michael L. says:

I feel like its all personal preference but that being said I think I’d like I to try out a camber board based on the video. thanks

Noah Bramm says:

You’re just not use to rocker yet son

Michael Butler says:

bought a camber for my first board and couldn’t stand it, got a flying v rocker afterwards, fell in love with it, perfect for beginners, much more forgiving on catching edges when you mess up, awesome fun in the deep stuff, couldn’t recommend more for beginners!

Sam Fitz says:

If anything, on a flat and narrow trail the rocker (hybrid) should definitely perform better, not camber. Because while camber boards “lock in” turns better, rocker boards initiate turns noticeably better…and on a narrow trail you’re going to be switching edge to edge for subtle turns that constantly test your boards ability to INITIATE a turn.

Jacob Shafer says:

yes you should have done a normal rocker and not a hybrid. I completely agree

QFT says:

I feel like this video is misleading. You didn’t even use a rocker board. I could dispute most of your points too. There’s nothing wrong with having your own opinion on these things, but a rocker or hybrid is easier to learn on, generally superior for powder conditions (which wasn’t even tested), typically can transition more quickly edge-to-edge (good for narrow and tree runs), won’t catch edges as easily, and is generally different but not inferior to cambered.

All I can really say is if you’re brand new to the sport, finding a soft board that is NOT traditional camber is a little easier to learn with… then go to a demo day and try both. As for hybrids, I’d try a different brand, like Never Summer. There are plenty of hybrid boards that have great edge hold, carving ability, and overall stability.

JussTreddn says:

If you have to get a rocker board to ride powder, your stance is either too centered or too wide and you’re likely trying to ride too short of a board. I’ll take a smooth old school powder carve on my Glissade 195 over pushing snow like a road grader any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

kokolokostudio says:

I love my Burton Custom board 🙂

Ian Marcel says:

Why not just get a flat top

Noah Bramm says:

You’re just not use to rocker yet son

Michael S says:

What about control comparison in deep snow ?

Parker Garland says:

I see that recess sticker

Alexii. 48 says:

Im a beginner and is a catch free rocker a good choice?

2NDSIDE says:

I’m a beginner at snowboarding. I’ve been about 15 times and I’m able to control my speed and turn relatively alright. I’ve used rocker boards this entire time. What type of board should I look into?

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