Carving Snowboard Session with T Rice Pro & Mountain Twin

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Today we picked up two all mountain snowboards from Evolution Whistler and headed up Blackcomb mountain to do some carving. The groomers were firm and fast which made for perfect condition to test out these snowboards. I found that the T Rice Pro was incredible for getting aggressive with the carves. The highlight was the magna traction the snowboard has to hold the carve and prevent you from sliding out. I’ve been leaning toward buying this snowboard and after demoing it, I one step closer. TJ had a great time riding the Jones Mountain Twin. He’s doing a full review on the snowboard for the channel and will be up soon! We hope you find the carving tips though out the video helpful! Check out the intermediate snowboard playlist for more carving tips and tutorials. Thanks for watching!


Kenan B says:

I ride a Lib-Tech Skate Banana with Magna-Trac – it makes riding on ice out here east a lot easier.

Corey Truhn says:

Do a video review of the NOW bindings! I was thinking about buying some because my local shop is pushing them pretty hard and I would like to hear your opinion. Thanks guys!

sbecktacular says:

Just curious… when you guys try those new boards- im sure you don’t detune the edges cuz you have to return them… but do you detune at all? Or only when you ride your park- specific boards?

Mitchel Meyer says:

What type of Oakley goggles does TJ have on? They are sick!

franklinellis27 says:

1. What kind of camera do you use film?
I wanted to start making videos, and I wanted them to be good quality.

sdbw1990 says:

What stance do you use? I usually go 15/-15. Curious if this would be a good stance for carving hard.

I’ll be at Whistler Jan 25th-27th. Hope I get to see you guys!!!

Tristan Orr says:

Is the red jacket a Volcom one? Do all volcom jackets come with a pass pocket on the wrist?

Tacos Buenos says:

i was like… where’s travis rice? i wanted a carving snowboard session with travis rice, pro, and his mountain twin… aw..

Brad Parrish says:

Knapton makes carving look so effortless and beautiful.

RandomDesks says:

Tj hows the flight deck fit with the sandbox? I have the flight decks currently but im in need of a new helmet

PhatWoofer says:

Should have foucus more on the boards, will you have separate in depth review?

Cormac Maher says:

What height are you? Am 6’3″ and looking for a suitable board

Adam Lockett says:

get yourself someone who looks at you the way TJ looks at Kevin

Jake Enders says:

Can somebody please give me the name of the press tj does at 1:38? Same thing as the thumbnail

Hemmy Entiedä says:

Best part 6:55

Jack Fu says:

Can you teach how you do the dynamic turn in the video?

Dale Cantrell says:

Hey man, your vids are great! I’ve been getting more into snowboarding with each year and have been watching all your vids while working on progressing. Anyway, I own a neversummer proto 2 and I was wondering if you have had the chance to take a neversummer out with the ripsaw profile, if so, how does it compare to the magna traction?

Jonathan Erbele says:

You guys should do a video on boards with different kinds of traction tech. Maybe like magnetraction vs. underbite tech.

James Moxley says:

Love the shout out to Ryan Knapton

Saul Meyers says:

lol ryan knapton comment made me laugh.

Björn Franzen says:

…so where is the carving?

Vikram Khandka says:

You are flying high with these super boards! Awesome!

Allan Elliott says:

Wonder what the difference in edge hold is between the T. Rice and the Never Summer Type Two or Rip Saw?

Sea_side_skaters says:

Would a rocker board or a camber board be better for park ?

jgunshon says:

whats TJ’s jacket ? dope colour way, keep the vids coming kevin. uk sub (need to move to canada)

Darkness says:

0:11 long live Stevie.

Get Nautical says:

How would the t rice stack up against the proto type two minus the flex and magna the profiles seem the same?

Pedro Chiu says:

Is Kevin riding a NOW bindings? Will there be a review for this? I am planning to get a new pair of bindings and choose one pair between UNION and NOW.

bojler1 says:

what is the name of the trick that TJ did at 1:40?

Alessio Carrara says:

What’s Tj’s jacket ?!


Ive got the jones ultra mountain twin, awesome board

AlexTY says:

May I know which video editing software you use? Thanks!


Love the new style of vids

Sam Hall says:

Anybody know how tall Kevin actually is?

Mike Lewis says:

Love watching you guys ride very inspiring just want to progress

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