Do You Need a Pure Powder Snowboard?


In this video I have some advice on buying a pure powder snowboard. Pure powder snowboards can be a hard decision to buy because of how unique a role they may play in your snowboarding. Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to try some different powder snowboards and want to share what I think make the best powder snowboard. Also tell you about some of the benefits a pure powder snowboard can deliver. If you still have any questions about powder snowboards please leave them in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


czeckson74 says:

no fakie landings possible -> is a no go

David Stephens says:

Can u do a video on how to adjust technique for basic skills ollie, 180 etc when on a pow/small tailed board. There’s nothing online on this topic which is surprising considering how popular the boards are getting.

Shred1904 says:


Shazzy G says:

Just bought the Yes 20/20, really looking forward to testing it in the deep pow!

Oskar Garden says:

You prefer that fish tail because you don’t ride aggressive and your technique is quite mediocre. Blauvelts Berzerker and alike over everything

Rémi Marchese says:

would you consider a bataleon magic carpet or a rossignol angus to be “good enough” for powder as a one board man (yeah i’m poor) that like powder and park

John Espo says:

Living on ‘ll ny….ice coast I can only pray for pow….

Wild Outdoor Living says:

The real question is do you need a park board? I certainly dont. Ive got a Burton Skeleton Key and a Nitro Treehugger to tackle anything I personally would ever want to do on the mountain without any compromises.

Tyler Barnes says:

I have a question, do you think someone who is 5”4 could ride a 136 snowboard

Patrick Boest says:

Whats about the lenght on a powder board? I´am 189cm big, what a powder board lenght is the best for me? Which do you use? Best regards from Berlin, Germany!!

In The Surf says:

Question for you.. I was finally able to use my new TRS this past weekend but felt like my stance was too wide. Made some adjustments when I came home. I also ended up setting the stance back about one inch. The TRS is a twin tho, so I’m not sure if I should have. I’m still learning, so I’m not riding switch at all right now.

MicaiahSnowboards says:

What all mountain board did you have that was your favorite

Jerry Hung says:

I got the burton deep thinker, so I don’t think I need powder board XD

drew boudrieau says:

would a pure pow board be good for everything? or just pow

Carl Javier says:

Congratulations on getting married!

PhaseSkater says:

Did you get married?

Deluxe Eagle says:

Same I’m going snowboarding tmr so excited for the powder

Good one! says:

did my first two days learning snowboarding the other day and all your videos really helped! so much fun im hooked

GrayTiger40 says:

I got a Jones Mind Expander as my powder board this year. Has a shovel nose and a 17.5 mm taper, but it is not volume shifted. Would you recommend that I set my bindings all the way back on the insert pack? or set them in the middle?

TheSpainy says:

Nice vid Kevin. What about if you don’t ride trees but still want a POW board ?

Leevi21 says:

Regular or winged highbacks?

The Lone Wolf says:

Does anyone else just scream with excitement sometimes while riding down the mountain on a powder day?

Lidia S says:

Nitro pow looks good, I also liked those tips on freeride boards

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