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Looking to get your longboard sideways and dial in your standup slides? This video explains everything you need to know to choose a freeride longboard deck. Wheelbase? Drop through? Drop Down? Pockets? Flares? There’s a lot of technology out there, so we’ll help you sort through the jargon and find the perfect deck for you. Still need help? Drop a comment in the box below and we’ll answer your questions ASAP!

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A god damn cunt says:

Ur reviews r the BEST !!!

Tactics Boardshop says:

@Rowan Brown Whatever size is closest to the width of your deck will feel the best. Most people ride 180mm or 10″ trucks for freeride and downhill because wider trucks are a little more stable and wider boards can give you more control. On our website, you can shop by truck width by using the filters on the left hand side of the screen (green button at the top on mobile) -Ross,10.0+axle?cp=ytc

Justin Rose says:

When your 5-ply board just won’t make the cut…

J Bullock says:

I just recently got the original freeride rocker concave 41. It’s alright but what size trucks should I get for it?

Noah Botley says:

So how is the Original drop freeride W concave rate, when top mounted, for sliding? Also is there a board that is better for the hands down slides as those are my favorites.

Craggles's skates says:

why did sector 9 stop the dhd dojo??

Brandon Teeter says:

What do you think about the mini Shaka deck as a an all around board?

Alex Johnson says:

Hey Ross, I’m trying to create a mainly freeride setup that will still allow for light downhill and carving, but I can’t choose my exact preferences. I’ve got some ideas narrowed down, but I think I need a pro’s advice to help me finalize. Any response would be appreciated!

Dejvid Vaško says:

Hello, can i slide on a GoldCoast Dropthrough bamboo longboard? thanks for answer.

Cole J says:

Is the 2016 madrid nessi a good free ride board

ThatLongboardKid says:

I just got the globe geminon 41 inch drop down deck what trucks should I get

Johnny Anton says:

What would you recommend if I want a fast board for cruising around in the beach .

"Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died, the end" -Patrick Pinhead Star says:

Physics check: Sliding is easier if you’re taller or your board is smaller because it’s easier to push out your board right?

▲GeNiUS▲ says:

Would you recommend the Rayne Demonseed for freeriding and pushing ?

Mark Pfanenstiel says:

Lol there is a rider local to redding ca who designed the barfight and rides for omen

Agustin Karabajich says:

Thanks dude u r the best
Excelent videos keep going

LacrosseMaster 2015 says:

Is a original apex 40 a good freeride deck

NHshred says:

What truck size should I use

Jack says:

Thank you for the great vid. I thought I would’ve had to buy a brand new board for sliding but it looks I already own one. Looks like the only thing I need to buy are slide gloves.

Elijah Oelker says:

that last board is sick

MoonLarve says:

hey, does this sound like a good freeride setup? Landyatchz 9two5, bear gen 5 trucks and blood orange morgan pro 84a wheels?

Ap LaZy says:

I was looking at the landyacht switchblade for a while now… Would anyone suggest it or is it not good

Aron Kovacs says:

how necessary is grip tape for freeriding?

Tactics Boardshop says:

@Sam Gill My favorites are the Sector 9 Static and the Landyachtz Drop Carve 40. They’re really similar, but I think the Static is a little better geared for hills because it’s a little stiffer and has slightly steeper concave. We don’t carry Original, so I’ve never actually stood on an Apex Diamond Drop, but it seems a bit more flexy than the Landy and Sector which would make it better for flatground tricks but not as stable for faster hills. -Ross

Russ Meister says:

thank you

Jack vonArx says:

Can I put a reverse gullwing kingpin on my drop through?

Klassen Kustoms says:

Is the landyachtz drop hammer 36.4″ good?

B34ST_KILL3R says:

I need a board tht literally wont cost me 350 dallors

timmy turner says:

what exactly is the first board (the landyachtz) I know it’s a switch blade but Everytime I look it up none look like that one

Lakshan Chandrasekara says:

Hey Ross I’m looking at getting a new longboard and I wanted some advice on what to get. Im currently looking at the downhill division boards but I cant decide between the arrow, javelin and hijack. Please help

Cyme Skie says:

No pin tail?

Tyler Brewer says:

Sector nine dojo boards are pretty great I own one. I love it

FinnBurch says:

What’s the first board

Cameron Frazier says:

How would a smaller wheelbase compare to a larger one?

skittlzism says:

you have both a “how to choose a FREESTYLE longboard deck” and a ” how to choose a FREERIDE longboard deck” video… whats the difference?

ReSisT Lep says:

what do you guys think about db lunchtray

SebaStian G says:

what is the difference between freeriding and downhill longboarding? help please

theo thorhauer says:

Is the LANDYACHTZ Switch 40 a good Freeride deck?

Ludwig Ellis says:

what sector 9 is the best for freeride?

Keeny Newton says:

nice video mate ..

SG says:

can anyone just list me some decent double kick ferried decks please? any advice is really appreciated. Also what do you think of the apex 40 diamond drop 2015?

Victor Tironi says:

hey ross, i have a question about the sector 9 mini daisy. what wheelbase do you prefer to ride it for freeride? mine is at 25″ i believe (the bigger in the front and smaller in the tail) and i’m having a lot of trouble breaking into slides on it. do you think that shortening my wheelbase to 24.5 will help? i’m riding mine on gullwing charger IIs with venom barrels 90a (flat washers roadside) and some old abec 11 flashbacks. also i tend to have more trouble breaking into heelside slides on it for some reason…

Nathan Jensen says:

where can I get that sector nine deck at, I looked but couldn’t find it

KI HuS5am NG 77 Play says:

Ok what are the options of the drop through longboard

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