Lib Tech x T. Rice Orca Snowboard Review

Lib Tech Orca Snowboard

TJ’s Snowboard Gear
Union Strata Binding:
Adidas Tactical Boot:
Smith Goggles:
Volcom Jacket:

Kevin’s Snowboard Gear
Jones Snowboard:
Union Bindings:
Oakley Goggles:
Volcom Jacket:
ThirtyTwo Boots:

The Lib Tech Orca is a very fun and unique snowboard. Featuring a rocker dominant profile with camber zones under foot, directional shape, taper, setback, magne traction, and naturally wide waist width, the Orca provides a ride that is hard to match in the powder and steeps. This snowboard is going to offer tons of float in powder, while still coming through with the stability you need in those more technical and high impact situations. With its width the Orca is also going to be a lot of fun for carving, and is an all around freeride killer. I really enjoyed this one, and would recommend it for more advanced riders that are into this style of snowboarding. Let me know what you think about the Orca in the comments, thanks for watching.


MoeDiesel says:

Yo, great review Bro!!! I own a Mind Expander but really looking hard at the Orca. I’ll probably chill until I can pick up a used one. Torn between the 2018 Hovercraft and the Orca right now. Decisions, Decisions,…. Anyway, I hope that you guys save some POW for me. I’ll be there in 3 weeks.

KothCap says:


Jsnake2600 says:

You guys should make more in the park videos. like if you agree

One Lap says:

You guys should do a “how to get up and get going after you’ve eaten shit in powder”

jason mcintosh says:

I’m not sure but,
Could you not drill your helmet & Gpro mount and bolt said mount on with some #8’s ,lock washers with some sort of dense foam between the mount and helmet to help adjust for the curvature of the helmet.? Never loose your Gpro again for a $ 1.25 fix. I jerry rigg a lot

Oliver Niga says:

Whats is the board length?

Gen X Adventures says:

The Pillow Hits at 1:50

DaKasten says:


crimsonproject says:

I have the same helmet and use a helmet mount for my gopro. I also have the gp tethered onto the helmet for extra security. I am extremely paranoid of losing the cam on the mountain. I almost cringed when i saw your set ups with the straps, hoping that its still somehow secured.
Im glad you didnt lose your gopro so we can see more vids!

Jim Owen says:

For all mountain, quiver of one, would you choose the Warpig or the Orca?

Trent McAteer says:

Sick review TJ, the Orca looks like a blast to ride. Are you wearing your everyday green Chromapop or storm rose Chromapop lenses in this video? It looks like the green and I would be impressed if it works that well in those socked in conditions.

Ray Puryear says:

I’d like to know how the orca compares to the never summer instagator

Austin Hill says:

This board looks sick, would be amazing to ride at A-Basin

Daniel Healy says:

Those Smith goggles are awesome! Is that a cloud lens?

Oliver Maxwell says:

why don’t you just put a sticky mount on your helmet

Alex says:

Hey Kevin, how do you like those Line Miners on dark days like these, is there a need for a lighter lens?

Tim Johnson says:

I want you to try the NS Insta/gator, again. I feel like it would compare really well to the orca.

Seanpaulnz01 says:

Is this comparable at all to the burton custon camber?

broke native says:

What’s the music?

DackJanielsGG says:

Have yet to hear a bad thing about this board looks amazing!! Trice killed it. Is it worth the pretty penny you’d pay for it?

Danial Pham says:

That pow though, looks like the perfect board for it.

Crew Nguyen says:

Hey kevin I’m going to be in Whistler for winter break and was wondering what some of the best runs are. Thanks!

Myra_Blee says:

you really make my days with your videos – perfect for my time wating till I can go back on the board …. 🙂

Nathaniel Bejan says:

That is the best snow to ride on I cant believe the snow in the video

Thomas Hammond says:

It looks so beautiful out there! Can’t wait to start getting snow in Michigan!

Stealth Spartan5 says:

You guys should do a vid on good places to place your gopro because I think I might go with the side helmet mount instead of the front one

Chaos95 says:

I can’t wait to go over Christmas break

Christopher Smith says:

What mountain is that?

Thomas Tew says:

Guys when I use my helmet mount, i always make sure to put at least one of my helmet straps through the go pro strap, that way it makes sure it stays at least attached to you if it comes off your helmet. The helmet straps are sketchy and you don’t want to lose a new GP7!

xd goldylox x says:


Matiss Brants says:

mouse clicks thought the vid (4:48)

Paul Dalziel says:

great review – so glad I’ve bought mine, can’t wait to get it out – it gets it maiden ride in japan next week……:)

Timothy Norton says:

Can you use the 360 cam?

Keano & Mangs says:

Awesome review TJ! Would love this board in my quiver!
Could you pretty please review the Niche series? Like the Aether, Story and Pyre?

Dave Brown says:

TJ you are an animal through those trees, great watch. What would you compare to the capita mercury? And can you do a review in it pls

James69888 says:

Please do a comparison of the Orca with the Warpig. On the surface, they look similar.

The_Conman says:

Do a review on the never summer chairman 2018/2019

Young ADV says:

Can you guys make a video on how you make money with this channel? I know you have a patreon which I’m sure helps, but your average engagement relative to your subscribers seems pretty low. Is it enough?

Andreas Schubert says:

Orca’s eat fish!!!

MrSpreadem says:

That helmet is the worst haha I tried to pick one up based on you and found the fit terrible.

fasdglkads says:

Hi TJ, nice review.
I would also really love to hear what you think about the chromapop vs smith lenses, since you now gathered quite som experience with both of them 😉

tommy pinneri says:

Looks like you guys are riding on Flour. So powdery

Breckin Germon says:


Manuel Carofiglio says:

Always great video guys. Many congratulations from Italy. May u give me a feedback about Kevin’s Oakley goggles? Good feeling even in sunny weather?

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