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In this video I talk about the differences between setting up your snowboard stance for park vs freeride. I have two snowboard that I’m riding this year the Capita Horroscope and the Burton Deep Thinker. Each of these snowboards performs differently on the mountain and requires a different stance setup. For more snowboard gear tips check out the playlist at the end of the video. If you have any question about snowboard stance you can leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching!


Tam Le says:

Hey Kevin, I have the deep thinker but I dont ride in a lot of pow. Would I be able to set my binding up twin stance?

Jonas Dee says:

Just got my first board yesterday, so excited!

Levi Burgess says:

@SnowboardProCamp is a capita spring break twin better for the park or freeride??? thanks from your boy in tahoe

Alex Cole says:

which bolts did you screw in on the horrorscope? do you prefer wider stance for park or closer together?

JT Schintgehn says:

Where did you get that wrench??

Florin Ionut says:

I have a question, it might be a stupid question… are Deelux Spark XV PF boots good for snowboard, i read that they are for splitboarding? can i use them just for snowboard? are they going to fit in regular bindings?

James Davis says:

You still have that Bakoda Survivor Driver! I’ve had it for years too, good tool! lol : – )

MrTrex183 says:

Any suggestions for all mountain galaxy-print snowboards??

Tijmen Mol says:

Nu bindings keep going loose while i’m boarding, anyone know What to do

Daho_ Lifestyles says:

Hey ! Newbie at boarding but can flow –
Got the fastplant k2 with union contact binding .

Back foot set at 0. And front foot at +15. And bindings are pretty much middle of board shoulder with apart.

That sound right ?

Lz Studios says:

You go to David?

Bad_Riders says:

Id be interested to see how kev would set up a warpig. Good to see you back in burton bindings too kev!!!

balsakralj says:

I have really big foot (31.5cm) and I got Nitro Magnum, because of my big foots, its directional board with true camber. What stance angle would you recomend?

sanja says:

Hey Kevin , do you have a link to buy screwdrivers as you use ?
Thanks a lot ✌️
❤️your vids

Lynda Renee says:

Would you use the Force bindings on the Deep Thinker?

Get Nautical says:

Do you rotate high backs? And what was that rule of 20 you David Jones and other guys talked about during the whistler live chats in regards to stance angles?

Michael Barnych says:

I’m gonna need one of those hoodies

Glenn Wisse says:

Any tips for an all mountain snowboard? For advanced and cheap

Shred1904 says:

sixth?? i need to get a couple of things still but never summer warlock 151 (12/12 twin stance), 686 pants, thirty two jacket, oakley/neff mits, thirtytwo springbreak boots, ride helmet, bs facemask, electric googles. nothing new for this season yet.. would love to get a pow board (anyone have recommendations?) and maybe some bib pants!! cant wait for the new season.

Dmitriy Lyakhov says:

don’t forget also to adjust your hibacks, so they are parallel to back edge, especially when you have duck stance for park.

Addie17 says:

It’s snowing here and all my roommates are mad about it…it’s just making me want to go snowboard

Josh Archer says:

Great info, you broke down the details very well. Could you give your advice for high back positioning depending on the conditions, board and riding style too?

Harrison Sharpe says:

So how would you set up a 99% twin all mountain board?

Micah Reese says:

Anyone else notice he has the wrong foot on the front

Looks kinda goofy

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