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Instrumental produced by Chuki:

In this video I take the Arbor Westmark Rocker and Westmark Camber and put them head to head. I believe these are two of the most ideal snowboards to compare for a rocker vs camber test because they are true rocker and true camber, not hybrid whatsoever, and they otherwise share all of the same technologies. This is perfect because the only significant difference between them is the camber profile. I found the Westmark Rocker to have a looser, more forgiving feel to it and was also more fun for doing butters and presses. The Westmark Camber has a more powerful and precise feeling, offering more pop, response and stability and just an overall more energetic feel. At the end of the day I thought both of the boards were really fun, I hope that this video helps you to decide between getting a rocker or camber snowboard. Let us know if you prefer rocker or camber in the comments! Thanks for watching.


PhaseSkater says:

Can’t stand ugly flat tip snowboards. Makes me wanna vomit

Joel S says:

How about the Arbor Cosa Nostra vs Clovis?

The Arbor All Mountain Guns rocker vs camber.

The House Outdoor Gear says:

Well done Tj!!!

xTex Spazz says:

This video was surprisingly well done. It looked as if the Camber was more sturdy and could hold a lot of tension before a jump or pop. I honestly might just go with a Camber.

Joshua Schaffer says:

This was very well filmed and edited.

PhaseSkater says:

So rocker is good for beginners and camber is when you want to be more technical and advanced?

Tango Flaps 1 says:

I love my rocker board and find that by pressing your knees outwards (toward the tip and tail) you can dial out the rocker on groomers and icy sections when it would otherwise lose some grip. Wouldn’t go back!

Emilian Popov says:

Great video and explanation! I’m personally going back to camber after spending last 3 years on 2 different rocker boards and I’m curious. I think I’ll do a test for myself in the beginning of next season, even though my rocker board has magnetraction and my camber one a 3BT. It was really interesting to watch! I was sure you are going to try both on the same run and with same tricks off the same side hits, top notch!

Ruben Perkins says:

I live for these vids! :))))

Danny says:

Well done video my man. I have to get on a rocker board demo some time. They look really fun. I love camber but I definitely feel like I need to try both now!

willmoua1 says:

Best non-biased-actually-rides-the-deck reviews in the world!
Good ups TJ!

PoxyBear says:

Excellent job as always TJ. You always provide good, detailed and fair information.

Bruh Sweet says:

the way you edited this review was so quick and clean. much like your riding lol! Sick vid TJ

Steven Yao says:

Nice vid, TJ! Does the uprise fenders on Arbor’s camber board make much difference from traditional camber? Is it like the 3bt on Bataleon?

Boerteun Snowboards says:

Very cool the way you make this clear guys !!

Paul O says:

That side-by-side action is a hit. And you bring finesse to simple tricks.

Jordan Main says:

Love my Arbor Sin nombre #Camber

sniperd says:

This is exactly the video we’ve all needed. Thank you TJ!

inMotionSLB says:

video is on point! I have the westmark camber and its a wonderful piece of kit, so stable

chase chittester says:

Currently riding the frank April camber version of this board and I absolutely love it. Definitely hit the nail on the head with this video

Alan Boarder says:

I tried camber and rocker and I kinda like both
Checkout my channel tho

DesertWind says:

Sick comparison. Well done as always.

trabant66666 says:

This side by side thing is amazing, you should do it with more boards!!! It’s awesome!

Nothing says:

Love the vid!!

Martin A says:

I started off with a flat board, then went to a camber. Being a noob at the time I didn’t have the muscles or skills to learn to press well on the camber. Then went for a rocker, loved it, learned to press properly. After that went back to camber boards, by that time I had mastered snowboarding well enough to really enjoy a camber board. So I would recommend people to start of on a rocker and when you get good on that move to camber.

B3n Gulliver says:

Great vid mate

steve hom says:

Thanks for the awesome review TJ. I have been looking for this direct comparison of the Westmark (rocker and camber). I appreciate the work that you and Kevin put into your reviews and your other videos. Keep lighting it up!

David Barron says:

Your style was better on the rocker! I know your a camber guy but check the film. That method on the rocker was the cleanest I’ve seen you do. Might want to consider riding rocker predominately.

jasonsong86 says:

TJ are you no excursively posting on snowboardprocamp? What happened to your own channel?

Chris B says:

I love my Westmark rocker!! For a rocker, the stability is on point! Great confidence building board! Any changes for the 18/19?

Ca Reem says:

I know that these guys really good quality, but as for me they look awful

Andrew Coates says:

Great vid tj!! Never owned a rocker , and I always find myself Uber envious of the guys rocking buttery presses with ease. Takes a hell of a lot of effort to get into a stable press on my Burton custom!!

Kyax says:

Why do you use evo, even though you’re in Canada?

Michael Bauman says:

The arbor cambers have lifted outside contact points for a catch free ride.

InfernalMave says:

great comparison! i also like camber more, but that nosepress on the rocker board looked incredibly smooth 🙂

Mark Bissett says:

I just started snowboarding this year. I’m turning 35 next week, my 5 year old daughter was watching the Olympics and said “I can do that”, so we went straight to the store and bought some snowboards. Therefore, in my haste, I didn’t do much research in board styles and ended up with a Burton Amplifier which i guess is a rocker type.

Could somebody comment on whether rocker is better for noobs like me or if I should swap it for a camber board next year. I’ve only ridden the one board and it seems fine, but I don’t have much to compare it to.

So far my only regret is not getting into snowboarding earlier, but I guess 30 is the new 20 right…

Josh Archer says:

Awesome video, nice editing, and exceptional riding style! Wish I could ride like that! I’d like to say you made the decision easier, but you make both look so great! Keep up the good work bro!

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