Ross’s Game Dungeon: Freak Out Extreme Freeride

Ross goes skiing for Christmas in Freak Out: Extreme Free Ride. Ride Out Free Extreme Freak.


Psychobunny says:

Hahaha the guy in he’s 40s looks awesome
We are having more snow in Sweden now and it’s great, but the last few Winters didn’t exist much

FargoneMyth says:

man, I haven’t skiied in years. Best I did is double diamonds on blue mountain, back in the day.

Bukkarooo says:

Old video, but I think it’s worth mentioning that Skate 3 has a bonus mode you unlock that gives Ross exactly what he describes in terms of injuries. You wipe out, and it tells you the injuries/severity, distance and duration of the wipeout, a score based on how much it hurts, and the ability to hold buttons to make your character go into more positions than just curling into a ball. I think he’d have a lot of fun with that, even if he wasn’t into the skateboarding aspect.

Also, the mode is called Hall of Meat.

mitsota101 says:

SNOW on Steam, F2P open world online/offline ski/snowboard game with day/night cycle, big mountains, physics, customizeables, everything you need.

Benjamín Gaete says:

The doctor will give you notice if you died

Michael Does Stuff says:

Is Ross from some weird dimension where it’s Christmas 25-50% of the time?

Jebu911 says:

If everyone is wondering yes the ending does have a dead dude on the balcony

thedataflo says:

i want ssx for pc godamnit

Jomaster The Second says:

On that pop quiz on the game’s title I honestly thought it was Snow Freeks Extreme Freerider.


Saveliy Baranov says:

I miss whine rock..

Real Human Bean says:

In “Championship Snowboarding 2004” there was a game mode in which you had to break as many bones in your body as possible.

TheDrLeviathan says:

Really late here, and this has probably been brought up, but, Ross, have u tried Steep yet?

HalfLifeExpert1 says:

5:10 Dammit, I’ve watched this episode probably 5 or 6 times and I still don’t remember the title of the game when he gets to this part. That’s how poorly they named this thing.

Wheat-Os says:

I keep imaging Gordon Freeman playing these games.

Lt. Voss says:

You know, maybe your dude would go faster if he stopped trying to ski while knee deep in snow.

Shenandoah Medic says:

found the ending cutscene. you got it right except there is a door and the guy doesn’t have skis on, he isn’t moving though and you’re right, he’s probably dead

LadyPhantomOfMusic says:

You check out the game Snow which is on PC and PS4, and PS4 game Shred It.

Avarice says:

11:45 thats because winter games are for weenies, and PC gamers play vampire bloodlines, mass effects, dragon ages and shit

William Beck says:

There is an android-based Stair Dismount game which has a skiing-themed level.

MindTech says:

That soundtrack gave me a stage 4 brain tumor.

Seth Hackley says:

You could cover elf bowling.

UnderhandDread says:

I was hoping he’d do Parasite Eve 1 for the next Christmas game but I recently learned he hasn’t actually played through that one a first time and it’s a pretty long game so maybe next year.

Bad Beard Bill says:

I wonder if Ross has played Skate3?

trunks10k says:

you spell skillz wrong Ross. It’s “Sk1LLz”

Lucius Martius says:

I don’t know how you ski in America, but I’m from Bavaria and our 6 year olds can go down any advanced slope no problem if they are confident enough. If you go too fast, than that’s the problem. Skill in skiing is controlling your speed. Once you can do a simple snowplough, any slope becomes possible. It will take some fitness depending on your body weight or lots of stops, but the cheapest technique in skiing gets you down every slope safe and sound. More skill just makes you able to go down any slope faster.

I would classify myself as and intermediate to advanced skier myself, but I think I could handle ANY designated slope (excluding wild slopes which you shouldn’t ski on anyway) in the entire alps.

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