In this video I vent my opinions and try a few ski helmets. I check out, TSG, Smith, POC, Ruroc, and glanced towards Uvex but kept walking.
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Nils Löv says:

What is the Smith model at 1:43 called? I looked at their website but couldn’t find it

simtel 55555 says:

The ruroc helmets look the best

LeadHase says:

haha trying to be nice to the Ruroc helmet dude.

Evan Ball says:

“Do I look fast as fuck?”

Tim Westwood says:

if you wear ruroc burn your skis

Trickshots Norge says:

I ride a sweet helmet

Tags says:

“does it make me look fast as fuck?”

Daniel Sebastian Rode says:

Hey please add to Video more focus and Not so shakin 🙂

Βασιλείου Σπύροσ says:

Never buy a helmet with mouth mask… You may fall and the mask might stick in snow. You know, dig in the snow. Most neck fractures happen due to this. :/ Ride safe guys 🙂

James says:

lol … “do i look fast as fuck?”
yea bro fast trooper

david mednick says:

Ha Ha..”asian fit” you know what that means. “NO” make xxl for you, you big scarry man ! Its a squid thing.

WenomArtz says:

2:09 thats so true 😀 i love trial and also skiing 😀

Hardy-_-Brother says:

The best helmets are sandbox

1994 boarder says:

jo its just tsg GIRO COMBYN/ledge and smith maze best helmets out there

Owen Murnane says:


Nirvana Sup says:

Sweet protection make the best helmets!!

Faceboo Idio says:

Great. Which ski helmet is the lightest with the best water-proof seal for the visor? Anyone?
Just saying “Don’t get one”, cause the style clashes with your ” chill duuudeness” does not make it a bad product, just make you sound more douchey.

MrSazzas says:

Sorry, as much hate as they get- I just really like my visor helmet 🙁

Billy Hagan says:

‘who is this helmet for?’  I dont think ‘skiers and snowboarders’ was the answer anybody was looking for

Will Wright says:

Tested a Ruroc helmet skiing park, worst field of vision I’ve ever seen!

Nikolai Vasilev says:

What about Marker Helmets? Any thoughts?

Gonzalo Astorga says:

Agree with the “don’t buy on of those” at the beginning lol I see them around all the time now wtf is wrong with people?

Kyle says:

lmao catch me with a ruroc helmet next year

magnus carlsen says:

I want to look rad, But i used all My money to buy skis. Can i buy a rad helmet for a cheap coin? Or is it worth investing?

Erik Hemmilä says:

Ruroc Helmets look loke you’re gonna miss every shot you fire at the protagonist

beer expert says:

Ruroc helmets look stupid

ThreeEyeGypsy30 says:

Hey great video, can you please tell me what brand jacket that is at 3:39?

MulleDK19 says:

I ride fast on skis (Well, I consider 100km/h fast at least), and I’ve never worn a helmet because my brain is too big (The helmets I’ve tried rest on the front and back of my head, and has no support on top, which hurts). Any tips on the kind of helmets I should be looking at?

Johnny john says:

dont buy a ruroc, over priced, goggles are garbage, facemask is also garbage.

BigBikerBrand says:

I thought winter skiers were into aerodynamics. (I guess for the descending kinda slopes) Why haven’t we got any highly aerodynamic helmets?

Alex Morton says:

i still wear my goggles over my helmet to. haha

Anoni.mouse same says:

Switched this 2017 year to visor helmet. Warmer, less adjustments on the hill, no wind noise or draft coming through, never any fogging outside. Fogging in a ski-lodge happens but because of large opening mostly comes from my breath and disappears almost instantly.WIDEST field of vision I have ever had. I cannot see any frames in my FOV other than on my very nose if I cross my eyes real bad. I am never going back to the googles and beanies. Googles are dumb. P.S. Try as many as you can. I found cheap Austrian helmet called blackcrevice that is made in only 3 sizes and M/L fit my large head perfectly. The visor has to be proper shape to allow for 180 FOV.

zebra sheep says:

No gyro combyn???

01JGill says:

I enjoy how “im not sure how I feel about that” translates as “this is lame as fuck”. Goggles underneath the helmet looked dirty

OregonKid Productions says:

That Ruroc crap is so ugly

JJ Thor says:

I go for the bern helmet with visor, but I almost never wear goggles (just sunglasses) so the visor works well

Awesome Boy102 says:

Hey u if u responded to this stomp it tutorials u are the best

heven smith says:


Tommy "Johny" Wiseau says:

old school is goggles on the inside pussi

Victor Mathysen says:

“I’m not sure how I feel about this”


Sweet protaicsion

Dominik Thaler says:

How is the TSG Goggle called, and is it comfortable ?

kpudgar says:

Love your vids! Really entertaining and you’re a natural for these reports, as well as tutorials of course. Keep it rockin’ swiss dude!

Johnny Chen says:

Visor helmets are cool af, don’t take style advise from a hippy wild man, with a 70’s porno mustachios ;b

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